First Friday Feature: A Spanish Revival Kitchen

This first Friday Feature kitchen was actually a remodel for our owners! Since then, they’ve actually moved to another house, with another remodel, but we’ll come back to that in another exciting post! Being that we’ve never featured this kitchen space before, it’s about time we do it now! As a whole, the house was built in Spanish style architecture complete with archways, stucco, and a red-tiled rooftop. Being that the overall style was Spanish, we decided to keep this as our inspiration, but with a little twist! Take a look at our feature below and learn more about the materials utilized.


What makes a kitchen is many things, but the bulk of it is the cabinetry. It’s what’s going to set the tone for the space. In this kitchen, we’ve utilized 3 different finishes, and 3 different doorstyles creating a perfect blend of interest and excitement. On the perimeter, we have cabinetry from Elmwood in a Coventry doorstyle, maple wood, and Dove White paint with an Oyster glaze. The island, also from Elmwood, has a Landcaster doorstyle, maple wood, and a custom painted color in Benjamin Moore Jamestown Blue with an Oyster glaze. It’s truly a one of a kind island!

Lastly, the cabinetry in the hutch area is also from Elmwood. These feature an inset construction with a solid reverse Coventry door, walnut wood, in a natural finish. The upper doors are set in a metal frame really giving the units a special look. To top it off, the hutches are topped off with decorative Spanish style moulding.


Being that one of our owners is an amateur chef, stainless countertops were a must. Actually, half of the countertops were recycled into the new kitchen allowing them to repurpose something they already had. The island though, was a new piece, essentially a brand new chopping block made of walnut wood. Just beautiful!


The various tiles in the kitchen are a collection from Renaissance tile, all perfectly complementing one another. The main backsplash is a brick tile, designed with various colors. The enclave for the range is a beautiful orange-toned Mediterranean tile. While the show-stopping hood in a latte color (created on-site) is just one – of – a – kind!

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