First Friday Feature: A Craftsman Kitchen

When the owners of our company, Kitchen Design Concepts, decided they would move from their beloved 1920s Dallas home and into craftsman style historical home (check out the kitchen feature here), our eyes lit up because we all knew there would be a “few” exciting projects ahead of us. In the 1920s home, we did some major remodeling, but with this home, we swapped “major” with “MAJOR” and remodeled almost the entire home. The twist? Not only were we dealing with a historical home and restrictions on conservation, but we also were following the guidelines on Green Plan Review. You’ll hear more about this beautiful home in blogs to come, but today, we are featuring their gorgeous kitchen! Learn all about it below!


The cabinetry in this space is all full access frameless cabinets from Elmwood (learn all about Elmwood, here). The perimeter and the island are contrasting where the perimeter is a Mirabeau doorstyle with a white oyster painted finish. The walnut hood, cooking zone cabinets, and island are also a Mirabeau doorstyle with a natural matte finish. A craftsman kitchen is not complete without natural wood and our owners love for walnut shines throughout the projects we’ve done in their homes – almost like a signature touch in their spaces.


The stainless steel countertops on the perimeter are another signature touch. Stainless steel countertops are a must-have for our owners as the culinary arts is a favorite pastime of theirs. Then to break it up, on the island we have a Caesarstone “Calcatta Nuvo” which is a marble look-a-like that perfectly blends with the other finishes of the space. Also on the island is a custom Iroko wood slab with waterfall edges that create the island seating area. The combination of the countertops is just beautiful!


As you can see for the backsplash, we’ve incorporated an impressive wall of tile as it’s the only wall that gets the special treatment. From Marble Systems we have a Skyline Cross Cut tile, Aspen White multi finish, in Gaia Marble Waterjet Decos. This tile is not only gorgeous but with its multi finish, it’s what ties the entire kitchen together.


Let’s not forget the fixtures! Beginning with the “sink” (because it is so much more than a normal sink) we have a 3-foot Galley Workstation. It’s also complete with a 5-piece bamboo culinary kit. Paired with the workstation is a Waterstone Contemporary PLP Pull Down Faucet in antique pewter. On the opposite side, above the cooking area, we have a Waterstone Contemporary Wall Mounted Pot Filler, in antique pewter. Then, over by the window is an integrated stainless sink. The sink is paired with a second Waterstone Contemporary pull-down faucet and a matching filtration faucet, all in antique pewter.

We hope you enjoyed our feature today! If you want to check out some more, we suggest First Friday Feature: A Calming Master Bath and First Friday Feature: A Spanish Revival Kitchen.