Did you know Kitchen Design Concepts has a very active partner channel that partners with architects and builders? Well, in spirit of our first Friday feature this month, we’ve decided to share (for the first time!) one of our partner channel projects! A partner channel project is a little different from a regular design project because they only deal with cabinetry, while all of the other details such as backsplash and countertops are organized by the builder or architect. Within the channel, we have created relationships that have given us repeat business from several clients. This is great because expectations have been set, and all parties know what to expect from one another. So, in appreciation of our partner channel clients, we want to unveil one of our partner projects!


The cabinets featured are from Ultracraft, Adriatic door, Thermofoil, in a Silver Walnut finish.


When working with repeat partner channel clients, we begin to learn their styles. This client typically sticks to a modern palette and we love it!


The modern style is sometimes misunderstood as cold, but here, the finish of the thermofoil cabinets give off a cozy and warm feel to the space.

Catch us again next month!