Finding the Right Cabinet Door Style For Your Kitchen

Finding the right cabinet door style for your kitchen is one of the most important decisions you’ll make while designing your kitchen. Just like the finish, the door style will make a huge stylistic impact of the overall look of the space. Overall, there are three different door style groups, raised, recessed, and slab. Each of these groups has its own set of different door styles that help to set the tone of the space. Ready to learn more about these groups? Then continue reading below!

Raised Panel

The raised panel door style group leans more traditional if the three door-style groups. A raised panel offers more detail on the door, such as moldings. Plus, it’s raised panel will help give dimension to the space. Raised door panels are beautiful especially when combined with other decorative items such as carvings, stacked moldings, and beading. Take a look at one of our favorite raised panel kitchens below:

Recessed Panel

A recessed panel door style will lean transitional and sometimes traditional in style. A common door we often think of is the shaker door which composed of 5 pieces (two stiles, two rails, and a panel). Although recessed doors are “toned down” from raised panels, there are many options with decorative beads and moldings to choose from. Below is one of our favorite recessed looks!


A slab door style is what we mostly see in modern applications. Slab door fronts are completely smooth and easy to keep clean. They offer a variety of finish options such as paints, stains, foils, melamine’s and more! So if you’re looking for something leaning towards modern, then a slab door is a great place to start!

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