Our Favorite Outdoor Appliances

When it comes to cooking, nothing beats going outside a grilling up a few favorites and sharing with the whole family. Best part? You don’t necessarily need to have an over the top and overly expensive outdoor kitchen to do so! We have pulled together our four favorite outdoor appliances to share with you – and we’ll explain why.

Gas Grill

What’s a barbecue WITHOUT a grill, you may ask? Well – it’s not much of a barbecue at all! The first on our list of favorite outdoor appliances just had to be the grill. It’s a staple in almost every outdoor space, even if it’s a standalone. These babies are truly great for those of us who want food fast, as they fire up quickly – no prep work like there is for charcoal, and less cleanup. No direct natural gas hookup? No problem! There are plenty of options on the market for refillable propane gas grills. However, you don’t really get that good smokey flavor that you get with charcoal, so we have another option for you below…

The Big Green Egg

Sure, we are going name brand here, but it’s by far our favorite outdoor appliance that gives us that slow smoked taste we all crave on a beautiful summer evening. If you don’t want to splurge on the big name, remember that this is just one of the many ceramic charcoal cookers on the market. The Big Green Egg, however, works in a way that allows you to not only grill, but it can act as an oven and smoker for all of your outdoor cooking needs! And who wouldn’t want a little more “green” in the backyard?

Warming Drawer

If you like to cook outside and love to host, you may eventually run into an issue of “part of my meal is already done, but I still need to wrap up these other things over here!” In this case, a warming drawer may be exactly what you need. Not only can you pop food in there to stay fresh for when you are ready to serve, but if you need warm up some plates, it can do that too! And trust us when we say, it’s a drag to go back to the indoor kitchen to use it if you need to. So, just stick one outside – it’s definitely worth it.


Wait, didn’t we already cover this? Actually, no. For those of you that aren’t up on your appliance terminology, let us explain. Our newest addition to our list of favorite outdoor appliances is a griddle – a flat cooking surface that distributes heat evenly throughout the surface. Anything you would pan sear, you simply put on your griddle and cook directly on the surface! Most griddles on the market have an easy to use grease/drip pan that you can clean out after each use, and most wipe off fairly easily. Talk about a fast cleanup! Added bonus: no need to break out the frying pans for brunch. Just go outside, slap some bacon and pancakes on your new griddle and enjoy your Saturday outside – with a mimosa, of course!


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