When it comes time for a kitchen or bath remodel, we tend to look around for inspiration, right? Well, where do you look? Most might say they do a google search, create a board on Pinterest, or even check out Houzz. Well lucky us, in our industry we are surrounded by inspiration every day.  With 2017 already in full swing, and with projects underway we’ve taken notice of some of the big trends that are here to stay for 2017. Read more below on our favorite trends this year:

Color in your Cabinetry

Whether you’re into vibrant colors or enjoying mixing it up with muted tones, this is a fun trend to watch out for. Our favorite way to use color is to do tuxedo-style cabinets. This is where the upper cabinets are one finish, and the bottom cabinets are another. This is a neat and easy way to add interest and style. Something we also love: the island in a contrasting finish from the rest of the kitchen.


Accent Color Backsplash

Want to add pizazz to your kitchen space? Well, look no further. Adding a pop of color in your backsplash is a surefire way to give your kitchen character. Look out for reds, greens, and blue-tones this year. Only want a little pop of color? Then add a picture frame over the cooktop for instant interest. You don’t need to add a lot to utilize this trend.


Something awesome and interesting we saw this year at KBIS was the Urban Cultivator. Who’s tried growing herbs in their kitchen and they all end up dying? Well, this cultivator takes care of your herbs and micro greens for you. We love that this brings the green into your home in a wholesome and healthy way. Learn more about the Urban Cultivator here.

Contrasting Hoods

Definitely not a new trend, but we are seeing it more. We love that our client’s want to mix it up by incorporating a different finish to their hoods such as a wood, or contrasting paint color. One of our favorite finishes to add contrast with is metal. A custom metal hood is a great way to have your kitchen stand-out.


Incorporating simple textures to your space adds warmth, interest, and style. Even if you want all your finishes in one color, adding texture adds an interesting element to a monochromatic design. Ways to incorporate texture: adding wood elements, stone (wall, backsplash, etc), tiles with a ripple effect, and the list goes on.