Above, a pot filler in this Christopher Peacock-inspired kitchen makes filling heavy pots a breeze

There are many things I love about smart kitchens and a pot filler is toward the top of my long list. Yes, that handy little spout that prevents you from having to make the trek from sink to stove with a heavy urn of water. Those who have them rave, and those who don’t, well–here’s my list of reasons why you should!

  1. Kitchen sinks aren’t very deep. This means that unless you have a detachable sink spout, you’re often found leaning your pasta pot at a very obscure angle to fill it with water. Or even worse, you’re filling up a bowl and transferring it to your pasta pot. Either way, a pot filler solves your problem.
  2. They look cool. And isn’t that reason enough? The extendable spouts come in all sorts of finishes and while they are modern appliances, they have a variety of styles from modern to traditional.
  3. Kitchens are for cooking; gyms are for workouts. Cooking should be a time for relaxing…but try picking up that Dutch oven full of water for boiling potatoes, and it becomes anything but.
  4. Splashes can lead to slips. If you have ever splashed a little out of your pot when taking it from sink to stove, you can appreciate this slight stretch of a reason to get a pot filler.