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Employee Appreciation Day 2023

Last week we had our full company meeting to review the 2022 year and we give out our own “Academy Awards” to our employees. In celebration of Employee Appreciation Day being tomorrow (March 10th) we wanted to share! Our team is just so fabulous (obviously we’re biased, but if you don’t agree with us, you’re probably incorrect) and they deserve all of the recognition! So here we go: your Kitchen Design Concepts 2022 “Academy Awards” winners are…

Knight in Shining Armor: DREW

Drew was onboarded post-quarantine and he was really thrown into some projects that he didn’t even design! Got a problem in the field? He really has a forte on the fly to try to figure out a solution that works best for the design. Homeowners seem to love him, and we sure do too. If you haven’t had the chance to meet him yet, you should definitely make a point to do so.

Brand Ambassador: CHRIS

Have you ever been to an NKBA, NARI, or ASID meeting and *not* seen Chris in attendance?! It’s such a rare occasion and she is absolutely very involved wherever she can – and she’s such a fabulous employee representative for our company. Chris runs the business development for our Partner Channel line of business, so she’s also our resident “Cabinet Expert” even though she’s not a designer. Need cabinets? Call Chris!

Most Awards & Best Projects: REBECCA, ZACH, AND ED

We LOVE a good team effort, and this was 100% the case for our “Dallas Ridgelawn, Primary Bath” project. Not only was it just a fabulous-looking bathroom, but even the homeowners gave us a 5-star review on Houzz! This is also a multiple award-winning design. We took home both a NARI North Texas 2023 and NARI Regional 2023 Contractor of the Year Award for the “Residential Bath over $100,000” category. In addition, we won an NKBA Texas North Plains 2022 Kitchen + Bath Award for the “Contemporary Bathroom Large” category. Rebecca was the designer, Zach was the Project Coordinator, and Ed was the Project Manager and we commend the true teamwork that these three accomplished to bring this space to life. Check out some images of this project below:

Top Sales: KATIE

Everyone knows that kitchen and bath design/sales have been in a HUGE flux over the past couple of years. And it’s always either too little or too much at once. Katie – one of our residential designers – was able to lead the pack with sales this year on top of becoming certified! Her work ethic is truly top notch and we’re lucky to have her.

Learning, Learning, Learning: ERICA

Erica has really done some work on personal development this past year and we really have to commend her on that. She’s always looking for the next thing to learn AND she takes the initiative to do something about it! Not only that, but she brings back all of her new-found knowledge to the team and makes the rest of us employees all a little smarter each time. She deserves a huge “thank you” for her teamwork!

Delivers “Fun” and Morale Booster: ROSHEL

Okay guys, listen up: if you haven’t met Roshel you’re REALLY missing out. Not only is she just a great human, but she’s truly the glue that holds us together as a team! She’s always smiling (even early in the day, and she’s not a morning person) and finding cute meme’s to respond to emails with. A true hype woman that every team needs! But you can’t have this one – she’s ours.

And here are a few images of us being our happy selves!