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Elmwood: A Wood-Mode Custom Cabinetry Alternative

We recently discovered the news Wood-Mode, a well-known custom cabinetry line, closed its doors and went out of business. Financial problems and a deal to purchase the company fell through which ultimately lead to Wood-Mode’s demise. Wood-Mode workers are now facing hardships as they lost their jobs with zero notice. Customers are wondering if they will receive their orders so they can complete their jobs. Regional dealers that sold this line of cabinetry are all now left wondering “what happens from here?”. Wood-Mode essentially set the stage for luxury cabinetry which leaves us feeling shocked and confused. So, what does happen from here? Enter Elmwood…

Enter Cabico’s Luxury Line: Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry

Wood-Mode set the tone for custom luxury cabinetry in North America, but cabinet lines such as Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry followed suit. Purchased by Cabico Group in 2016, they are now featured as the luxury cabinet line in their portfolio. Cabico is a leading manufacturer of custom cabinetry headquartered in Canada and has been around for over 30 years. In Kitchen Design Concepts’ cabinet portfolio Elmwood is our luxury custom cabinet line. In our market Elmwood has competed directly with Wood-Mode for years.

More About Elmwood

The possibilities are endless! They offers 5 different construction methods, 6+ basic interior options, 53+ standard species of wood (from domestic to exotic, and non-wood to imported sheet goods), and 150 door styles to choose from (plus mullions and options to create your own door). Looking for a specific design for your space? This is no problem for Elmwood. In other words, custom is their middle name! Most Kitchen Design Concepts Elmwood projects are custom which is what makes this cabinetry line accommodating and unique.

We had a lot of creative and unique elements in this space other than the door style shown above. See this entire master bathroom here.

Our Experience with Elmwood

When customers are looking for something special and unique, Elmwood instantly comes to mind. With fine finishes and customization – we can do anything! For example, we designed an Art Deco style kitchen using this cabinet line. The main feature of this project was the hood as it was to embody the geometric nature and style of the Art Deco movement. See the kitchen below:

A Truly Custom Experience

In addition to designing kitchens, we also design other rooms such as bathrooms. For this example, our client wanted to create a perfectly unique vanity piece for their powder bath. Therefore, we turned to Elmwood. We submitted a custom leg design (center below) and they created a unique vanity set made from those legs and additional materials. In other words, look at that detail!

Elmwood vanity

We submitted these detailed drawings with our main cabinet order. We received CAD drawings to confirm the design met our specifications. Then it magically gets created, built, and finished in the Elmwood factory and shipped to us ready to install! See the dimensional drawings and the final look below.

What’s Not To Love?

In conclusion, we are 110% in love with Cabico’s luxury Elmwood line and we think you will be too! Take a look at some of our other featured projects using Elmwood cabinetry. Here is a modern kitchen, a luxurious powder, a modern farmhouse, a funky laundry, and a historical home. Feel free to peruse Elmwood’s website for more information on this amazing cabinet line.