Never before has being environmentally friendly been so trendy. While some people worry that this means it may fall “out of style,  ” I think it’s a good thing. The more popular this trend grows, the more companies and manufacturers will make an effort to provide eco options for their customers.

I saw proof of this first-hand when I visited the Great Big Texas Home Show at Cowboys Stadium this weekend. I was genuinely impressed with some of the innovative products new to the market, like the combination convection oven and microwave or a gorgeous mosaic-style countertop made from recycled Heineken bottles. Durcon, a company that manufactures laboratory work surfaces, recently released a virtually indestructible, sustainable countertop that is 100% recyclable.

My personal favorite was the Pallet House, a small home made entirely from wooden pallets. It was inspired by the fact that 84% of the world’s poor population could be housed with a year’s supply of recycled American pallets. Now that’s some serious up-cycling. I haven’t been this excited since I discovered bamboo cabinets. So whether it’s a D.I.Y. project, a sustainable remodel or simply remembering to recycle, I encourage you to jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon. It’s one trend that’s good for everyone.

Our intern is Desiree Johnson, a recent journalism graduate and Texas native. The 26-year-old loves painting, her dachshund Munchie and using what she calls her “real, adult-sized kitchen.”