America’s early settlers had a lasting impact on interior styling. These settlers lived simple lives, which was reflected in the design and architecture of their homes. Still to this day, these styles are continuously being used. You may hear terms such as: Colonial, Federal, and/or Georgian, but we like to simply call it the “Early American” style. Typical things you may see in an early American kitchen would be simple carvings, posts, feet on furniture, clean simple lines, simple décor, and wood floors. Designs and styles have changed throughout history, but as designers, we continue to gather bits and pieces of design from different eras. Styles may come and go, but the good ones tend to stick around. In light of the 4th of July, we are honored to share one of our favorite early American kitchens that we have designed!

  The use of earthy color-tones is simple, yet it speaks to the early American styles.


The use of posts in the island show a strong yet functional structure- a staple of early American design.


Open shelving for plates was a great way to display and store ceramics, and even today it is used the same way!


The use of glass in the display cabinet highlights the simple décor, going along with the characteristics of the simplicity of the Early American style.


The backsplash is simple, yet stylish. It may not be something you would have seen in the 1700s, but it doesn’t overpower the overall theme. Beautiful!


The earthy red painted cabinets with a worn rustic look shows off the gorgeous raised panels on the cabinet doors.

We hope you enjoyed our early American kitchen and we wish you a happy 4th of July!