When we meet with new clients to consult about the look and feel for their upcoming space, it’s not uncommon to hear phrases like,  “we wanted to get an expert opinion” or “I’m not a designer…” But it was different when we partnered with client Adrienne Rosen, a certified interior designer and proprietor of Adrienne Rosen Interior Design LLC. A seasoned professional with a keen eye for details, Adrienne already had some great visions of the perfect kitchen she and husband, Tom, had always dreamed of. We caught up with Adrienne to talk about what the collaborative process of creating her new space was like and the motivation for some of the aesthetic and functional choices.


Q: You are a interior designer by trade, how did you enjoy working with another designer on a project so personal to you?

A: I thought we worked very well together. My goal as a professional is to try to design with the client’s taste in mind, and I felt like the Kitchen Design Concepts team did that. We both brought a “fresh look” to each other’s ideas and designs.

Q: One major inspiration for your kitchen started in our showroom, tell us more about that.

A: I was visiting the Lakewood Showroom and fell in love with the Glazzio Tile for the backsplash. That decision really set the tone for the rest of the kitchen. Originally we had planned for a more transitional space. Ultimately, we opted for more of a contemporary look including slab kitchen cabinets [Ultracraft Frameless Slab Door].


Q: The large marble island really stands out in the design. How did you go about selecting and finding that piece?

A: Yes, that’s a piece of Calcutta Borghini marble. I wanted something with a certain feel and not too much movement, as well as warmer tones – not greys and whites. The Kitchen Design Concepts team and I looked at many, many slabs before we found the right one. It fits the space perfectly. I believe in taking time to find exactly what you want and instilling that value with my clients, too. I think Kitchen Design Concepts shares the same sentiment.



Q: Another major change in your kitchen is the induction cooktop, did you always plan to put that in?

A: No, originally I had an electric and I was leaning toward gas. I first saw the induction cooktop in the showroom. Then during one of my Continuing Education classes, I learned about pros of induction cooking including how it helps save energy. It was a learning curve in the beginning, but I am very glad we went with it [Thermador Masterpiece Collection]. In addition to heating up immediately only the magnet piece on the stove and pan get hot, which makes clean up much easier. And, I like the way it looks!