Don’t Let Trendy Turn Into Tacky

I love learning to be a tech-savvy chef – one of my favorite tools in the kitchen is my iPad. So you can imagine how excited I was to discover you can cabinet-mount an iPad for easy touch-screen access.

I was practically measuring my cabinets when I realized – this semi-permanent change could turn from an improvement to an eyesore in no time flat. My first generation iPad is already considered out-of-date: I’ve noticed cases and accessories landing in clearance bins everywhere. By the time I have my device installed in my cabinets, the next big thing will have come along. Suddenly what was a super modern feature will become dated and unfashionable. I thought about kitchens where I’d seen wallpaper borders or milk washed cabinets and immediately thought “outdated” about features that used to be popular.

So before you add the next super trendy kitchen feature to your list of upgrades, remember that staying power is much more important. Kitchen Design Concepts can keep your kitchen modern without it ever turning out-of-date: take a peek and get inspired!

Our intern is Desiree Johnson, a recent journalism graduate, and Texas native. The 26-year-old loves painting, her dachshund Munchie and learning to use what she calls her “real, adult-sized kitchen.”