Do You Need a Kitchen Pot Filler?

A pot filler is a great accessory, especially if you like having convenience and enjoy cooking! Now pot fillers aren’t for everyone and we don’t include this in every kitchen we design. But for those that do request a pot-filler understand the handiness of having one. Eliminating the need to walk from your sink to your stove top with a heavy pot full of water (think 8 pounds per gallon!) can make anyone want a pot-filler! On the fence on whether to include one in your kitchen remodel? Well, take a look at some things to think about before diving in!

How Often Would You Use a Pot-Filler?

Are you an avid cook? Are you constantly making soups, sauces, and in need of boiling water? Then a pot filler may be a convenience for you! We recommend pot fillers for people who cook on a daily basis and would actually utilize this feature. If you’re someone who cooks on occasion, then you can skip the pot filler and just use your kitchen faucet as needed. We like to say, most people know if they want a pot filler or not.

A Little Extra Cleaning

Just like anything else in your kitchen, your pot-filler requires maintenance as well! With it being over the stove, a pot filler can collect grease and stains. So regular cleaning is recommended.


When installing a pot filler, consider the placement. We recommend grabbing your biggest and tallest pot and taking some measurements. The height of this pot is the height you should install (plus a few inches for the spout) Installing your pot filler at an incorrect spot (such as too low) will cause many cooking frustrations for you in the future.

Other Uses

Surprise! Pot fillers are not only for filling pots! You can use the pot filler for filling vases, water bottles, filling tea kettles, buckets, and humidifier tanks to name a few.

Final thoughts

Consider your daily life. The next time you cook, think about how many times you need to access to water. Also, consider the weight of the pots you have to fill and have to awkwardly fit them under your faucet in your sink. You may find that a pot filler can make your daily routine much easier!