Design Elements Creating a Great Laundry Room

To us, designing a laundry room is just as important as any other room. A laundry room is much more than a space for a washer and dryer, it’s a space that requires an organized layout and most importantly, great usability! When we get to work on designing laundry rooms, we go over what’s most important for our clients because each client has different wants and needs. Essentially, this room can be customized to however a client wants! Hobby room? Pet cleaning room? A room just for laundry? Whatever you want, we got it.  While there are many ways to customize your this room, we’ve come up with a list of items we feel are important design elements to make any laundry room a successfully designed space. Take a look.

Counter space

The counter space in a laundry room is very important. It’s a place for you to fold your clothing, set your laundry basket, detergent, and other items. If your laundry room is large enough, why not include an island? And if your laundry room is small, you could always install countertops encompassing your washer and dryer to really maximize the use of space, see below. 

Hideaway ironing board 

An ironing board can we wonky. They always seem to be stuffed into a closet or that small gap between the wall and your washer. Well, what if we told you-you could have a designated space for your ironing board that does not require you to pull it out, find a space, and set it up. Yepp, you can just install it inside a cabinet, fold it out, and put it away in a pinch!

Washer and dryers that make a statement

Your washer and dryer do not have to be simple and white if they don’t have to! A great way to add a pop of color is to add color to your appliances! We love how these red washer and dryers make a statement in this laundry room space. The second you open the closet, it’s like a little suprise! 

Ample storage

If you only were able to incorporate one item into your laundry room, that item should be storage space, such as cabinetry. Your cabinets can hold detergents, cleaning supplies, towels, iron, and other supplies. The cabinets are important as they help keep order in both small and large spaces. So, don’t skimp on the cabinetry in your laundry room!

Hidden accessories

Were all about tucking things away in an organized manner into your cabinetry. So if you need accessories to be able to do that, then we highly recommend it! We’re talking roll-out drawers, roll-out waste cabinets, cutlery dividers (think pens, elastic bands, clothespins, and more).  We love how our client converted their waste-bin cabinet into a holder for their doggy-kibble. Genius!

Great lighting 

As an add-on to the “if you could only have one item in your laundry room” mentioned earlier, we would also recommend incorporating quality lighting, which doesn’t require any space essentially. Don’t stop with the ceiling lights, consider undercabinet lights for extra task lighting. Great lighting will allow you to not only see better, but it also increases your productivity! No one wants to be in the laundry room longer than they need to!

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