Deck-mount vs. Wall-mount faucets

When designing bathrooms, we feel like kids in a candy store! Think of all the fun colors, patterns, finishes, and material that can go into a bathroom. Not only that, there are tons of options for plumbing as well, which may seem a little overwhelming at first. Today we are discussing the type of mount, which is something to take into consideration (wall mount vs. deck mount) and can provide a different look depending on which one you decide to go with. So to help you decide, let’s uncover some of the ins and outs of wall mount vs. deck mount faucets for your bathroom!

The basics

To cover the basics, a deck mounted faucet sits on top of the counter (or possibly on the sink). Alternatively, the wall mounted faucet is, you guessed it, mounted to the wall.

Deck-mount: The most common type

The most common type of faucet mount is on the deck. Why? Well, it’s the most economical and easiest to do. Plus, when it comes to thinking of possible repairs, a deck mount will be much simpler to fix!

Deck-mount: Style options

Being that it’s the most common type of mount, it’s going to have more style options! Plus most every manufacturer will have more deck-mount options, which means you can shop around and find a price-point to fit your wallet.

Wall-mount: When there isn’t enough space

You might have a tight room or limited countertop space that won’t allow a deck mounted faucet. Then a wall mount is a great alternative! A wall-mount also gives the room a completely different feel and look, which may also be what you are looking for.

Wall-mount: Things to consider

If you do decide on a wall-mounted faucet, be sure to scoot the sink back from the countertop edge so the water flows into (or close to) the center of the sink. If the spout is towards the back of the sink (which we don’t want) then you might have an awkward and cramped handwashing situation, and we don’t want that! Another thing to consider is that a wall mount installation is a little more complicated as it is inside the wall which makes it a pricier option.