Cozy Breakfast Nooks

A cozy breakfast nook in the kitchen is great for spaces where you want to maximize the square footage. Plus, a nook creates a place for easy casual dining. Traditionally speaking, the dining room is formal and used for special occasions. So a breakfast nook with a banquette is a perfect solution for daily usage! Breakfast nooks have become very popular. It’s a great way to sit and enjoy breakfasts, have kids do their homework, and it’s also a good place for people to hang out and enjoy the company in the kitchen. We’ve created a breakfast nook or two and we’d like to show you some of the creative ways to design one in your home!

Combine the breakfast nook with the island

Tying your breakfast nook in with the kitchen island is a great way to save on space. Plus, it’s nice to have the kitchen and eating area all in one place. But what’s special about this nook, is that it’s the same material as the kitchen cabinetry, so it has a cohesive look, and it’s also a storage unit! The box you sit on is actually a set of deep drawers that are perfect for packing away the “stuff” you don’t necessarily use on a daily basis.

A little design detail we have incorporated into the nook, is that we designed the cushions to be loose, that way, if you want to change up the fabric, it’s easy to do so!

Breakfast nook by the window

Our clients wanted a space where they would have a good view of the outside, and also seating for a maximum amount of people. For the view, we did this by designing the bench to have no back, so it would not obstruct the view. Then for maximum amount of seating, we did this by creating an L-shape.

We also wanted to make a statement with the fabric. Once the table is placed, the fabric will be somewhat hidden. So when you actually do see the fabric, it’s a little surprise! So if you’re feeling like you need a breakfast nook in your life, contact your local carpenter as we did with this piece.

Utilizing the corner for your breakfast nook

Unless you are combining a nook with an island, the easiest way to incorporate it is to utilize existing corners. Hints the name “nook”!

The best part about a nook, is you can simply just use a bench, or you can add chairs for extra seating when needed.

Final Thoughts

Breakfast nooks can be done in many different ways, and hey, it might not be for everyone! But this gives you an idea of what some of the many possibilities are. Thanks for stopping by!