Contractor vs. DIY : Questions to Ask Yourself

Ever had that itch to change something in your home? Well, when it comes to a remodel it requires some thought, a bit of research, and most importantly, time. As you begin weighing your options, I’m sure the thought of hiring a contractor vs. doing your project DIY style has crossed your mind. Now, we’re not talking painting your walls or adding hardware to your cabinets, we’re talking full-on remodel. So, if you find yourself debating this topic, then today we’ll ask you some questions and help you make your decision!

How large is my remodel?

The very first thing you should do is scope out a detailed list of what needs to be done. Not only will this give you a clear vision of your project, but will also help you figure out how much you are capable of doing yourself. You may discover that replacing one thing, will lead to another thing needing replacing. For example, just replacing your sink most likely will require you to replace your countertops. So, take a moment, list each room, and fine-tune what your remodel will entail. Then see if your project would be worth DIYing or hiring.

Will my Project require trade professionals?

If your project requires electric or plumbing, you will need work from certified professionals. Are you capable of installing tile or countertops? If not, you’ll require work from professionals in those fields as well. However, if you go the contractor route, they will already have their trusted professionals built-in to your project, which eliminates the need for you to lift a finger. Think of hiring contractors as package deals!

What is your timeline?

The timeline is very important, it’s what can make your project last 10 weeks or 10 months (depending on scope)! If your remodel is going to be something you can only work on during the weekend, then assume more time is needed before you reach completion. So, making a personal commitment to set aside a certain amount of time each day, or during the weekend is important if you want to see your project reach the finish line. With hiring a contractor, they will already have a built-in timeline with a set schedule to follow. If you have a special event as a finish line, then the timeline is an important factor that can help you make your decision of DIYing or hiring.

Will you save money?

Before deciding to DIY, we would highly recommend getting bids from contractors. It doesn’t hurt to ask! This will give you an idea of what a professional will price versus what you can do yourself. Plus, you may learn something along the way! We’ve actually taken on clients who have gone the DIY route then decided to hire us to “fix” what they had done. In turn, they would have saved money going straight to a contractor, to begin with. Our advice is to be sure you are confident in your work and you can execute great results!

Final thoughts

To DIY or to hire a contractor is not an unusual thing to consider. Contemplate the size of our project and all the details that will go into it. Be thoughtful on items that require a certified professional such as plumbing and electric. Then, get those bids! Compare cost and really consider the quality of work whether it comes from yourself or a contractor.