Colored Cabinetry

Are people adding color to their cabinetry or keeping it simple? Well, spoiler alert: most of us like to keep things simple and utilize colors that we know are going to last, such as neutrals. But what about the rest of the gang who are a little more bold and welcome color into their home? The good news is we can provide a color in any shade, all the way from A to Z, plus we can even do custom colors or even color match. Sometimes a client will have seen a color they like from somewhere or something, and we can take a sample of it and match it! There is sure to be a color to fit any palette! So, what’s one of the great ways to add some pizazz to your cabinetry? You guessed it, through color! So, let’s check out some spaces we have designed with bold, fun, and festive colors!

The Blue Laundry Room

Ever seen an electric blue laundry room before? Well, today is your lucky day! When your clients say they want a blue laundry room, you give them a fun blue laundry room! This space was created not only for laundry, but also for crafts and making cheese; a multi functional space. The cabinetry is Elmwood full access cabinetry with a Ventura MDF door style in Luminous Blue paint.


The Kitchen With a Pop of Green

Here we have a set of clients who loved the color green and wanted to incorporate it in someway. So, we decided on designing this kitchen with a green island! It’s a beautiful green that is soft and matches wonderfully with neutral tones. The cabinetry is Kitchen Craft with a Lexington door in Wasabi paint.

The Trio

Here we have a kitchen with not just one pop of color, but a combination of three! On the bases we have a Yellow paint, the walls are Brick Red paint with Vanilla glaze, and the island is a Brown paint- all complimenting one another.  All the cabinetry is from WWWoods and is the Oxford door style.

What’s the Most Popular Color?

So, with all these colors, there has to be a popular one? Well, white or creams are the most popular colors we are constantly being requested. White/creams are simple, elegant, and will last! Plus, white allows you to play around with other colors in the decor, or even materials such as backsplash and countertops. Check out some of our favorite white spaces below:

So, this leaves us with one last question. If you could pick any color to have in your kitchen, what would you choose?