College Football Design Inspiration

Everyone has a favorite NCAA Football team! Well, at least everyone in our office does, so we wanted to share some design inspiration based on those teams. Maybe you want to design a man – or woman – cave to watch your favorite team every weekend? Just want some general design inspiration? Only here to see and judge what teams we cheer for? Regardless of your answer, here they are!

Alabama Crimson Tide – Roshel

They’re making it easy since the color is in the name, so of course that was a main focus in this design inspiration palette. A bold paint color softened with an “Incredible” white neutral paying respect to just how incredible this team has been year after year. Of course we looked for a really fun elephant wallpaper print for Big Al’s sake, but we ended up settling on none other than a houndstooth print to pay homage to the “Bear” Bryant Hat. Don’t know what we mean? That’s ok – the materials still just look really good (just like the team on the field).

alabama crimson tide design inspiration palette

Paint colors: Positive Red (SW 6871) and Incredible White (SW 7028)
Stone: Westminter from Cambria (Quartz), Waterstone Collection
Tile: Retro Active Mercurial Pattern from Crossville
Wallpaper: Huston Houndstooth in Oxford Grey from Schumacher

Florida Gators – Jennifer

Blue and orange is one of the boldest color palettes in general, and if you studied your color wheel in elementary school, you can understand why. So, this color palette uses these two bright tones and mixes in some neutrals to give us a design inspiration that is even more cohesive. We had fun with patterns here as well. The tile has a fun kaleidoscope type pattern while the wallpaper has a really fun tropical (read: Floridian) print. And even though South Beach is 5-6 hours away from Gainesville, we’ll allow it.

florida gators design inspiration palette

Paint colors: Blueblood (SW 6966) and Rhinestone (SW 7656)
Stone: Statuario Nuvo from Caesarstone (Quartz), Supernatural Collection
Tile: Kaleido Papaya from Interceramic
Wallpaper: South Beach in Orange from Thibaut

Kansas State Wildcats – Mary Kathryn

So, you probably are wondering why we are on design inspiration number three and you still haven’t seen any from a state that borders Texas! Well, we will get there. But, before we do, we are here to show you a purple palette that this K-State fan should love, and not just because her favorite color is – you guessed it – purple. We are really loving this wallpaper selection too, but the stone material is our runner up. A gray, marble looking quartz? What’s not to love?!

kansas state wildcats design inspiration palette

Paint colors: Impulsive Purple (SW 6832) and Snowfall (SW 6000)
Stone: Queen Anne from Cambria (Quartz), Marble Collection
Tile: White Marble Flat Pebble Mosaic from Arizona Tile
Wallpaper: Mumford in Eggplant from Thibaut

Oklahoma Sooners – Chris

Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner… If you know the rest, please continue! Or, we apologize for getting the tune in your head. Another crimson, but this time paired with a nice warm cream, creates a soothing palette. Our favorite part of this design inspiration is the glass tile. It’s got a little bit of a handmade look to it so it isn’t your standard flat glass tile. Loving it!

oklahoma sooners design inspiration palette

Paint colors: Showstopper (SW 7588) and Paperwhite (SW 7105)
Stone: Alpine White (Granite), sourced from Allied Stone
Tile: Gioia Glass Bone from Arizona Tile
Wallpaper: Primavera in Lacre from Kravet

Oklahoma State Cowboys – Rachel

Yes, we live in Dallas and if you are from the DFW reading this, these are the “other” Cowboys. However, we think this color palette packs a way bigger punch and although there are a few oranges in our group, this one is by far the one that really pops! This marble stone is something we found on a whim – and the Red Alicante versions are also just as gorgeous, but for another school. However, we fell in love with this tile. Even though it’s not technically orange, the copper tones really look orange and black is such a hot color right now – this was the perfect find!

oklahoma state cowboys design inspiration palette

Paint colors: Knockout Orange (SW 6885) and Eggwhite (SW 6364)
Stone: New Alicante (Marble), sourced from Allied Stone
Tile: Ellington Ebony / Copper from Walker Zanger
Wallpaper: Silver Leaf in Silver from Schumacher

Ole Miss Rebels – Ed

This design inspiration palette would double well for a good Americana styled home – so good job Rebels on having such a classic color scheme to work with! Honestly, we have two favorites in this group. First, this wallpaper you may think is just speckled with dots, but we see tons of fans. And not just in the stadium! They are consistently ranked in the top for best tailgates, so when are we going?! Second, the tile which has a fun “wavy” texture to it. Can’t you picture their newest mascot, Tony the Landshark, swimming around?!

ole miss rebels design inspiration palette

Paint colors: Dynamic Blue (SW 6958) and Rock Candy (SW 6231)
Stone: Islington from Cambria (Quartz), Black Marble Collection
Tile: Multitude Textured Nostalgic Blue from Daltile
Wallpaper: Drizzle in Rouge from Schumacher

TCU Horned Frogs – Erica

Do you know how hard it is to find purple tile?! Well, Erica was out tile shopping recently and found this lilac marble and immediately claimed it for TCU. Can we blame her? Nope! Not only is it the perfect color, but now we want to find some customers who are remodeling in the near future and love the color purple because we know exactly what tile we are going to show them! Unfortunately, Mary Kathryn recently redid her bathroom. Maybe next time.

tcu horn frogs design inspiration palette

Paint colors: Fully Purple (SW 6983) and Original White (SW 7077)
Stone: Empira White from Caesarstone (Quartz), Supernatural Collection
Tile: Milas Lilac Marble Hex Mosaic from The Tile Shop
Wallpaper: Nyoko in Platinum from Kravet

Texas A&M Aggies – Susan

As we were putting this list together, we realized that A&M was right next to TCU – and that rivalry is where they get their cheer “Gig ‘Em” from. And now that our brief college history lesson is over, let’s move on to this maroon dominating design inspiration. We chose to go with several different variations of the color as they all just work together perfectly! The deep maroon, Cabernet and Bordeaux colors (we didn’t realize how wine-centric these all were…) and even the red wallpaper all work well together. As the second largest student enrollment in the country, hopefully there is an option here that everyone likes, although to be honest, the tile is really our favorite.

texas a&m aggies design inspiration palette

Paint colors: Deep Maroon (SW 0072) and Spatial White (SW 6259)
Stone: Cabernet (Granite), sourced from Allied Stone
Tile: Vivify Glass Bordeaux from Daltile
Wallpaper: Autograph in Red from Kravet

Texas Longhorns – Abigail

As the school in the heart of our state capitol, there will always be room for as much burnt orange in any design palette as long as the client loves it. That being said, we didn’t want to go all orange here, so we love the combination of different oranges and then some fun neutrals to really give this palette some dimension. And can we just say that the wallpaper pattern reminds us just a little bit of a bunch of large steer horns all put together. Are we right, or are we right? Hook ‘Em!

texas longhorns design inspiration palette

Paint colors: Fired Brick (SW 6335) and Greek Villa (SW 7551)
Stone: Fieldstone from Cambria (Quartz), Desert Collection
Tile: Retro Rounds Orange Soda from Daltile
Wallpaper: Gibraltar in Orange from Thibaut

Virginia Tech Hokies – Rebecca

Finally – the best for last! And we aren’t just saying this because Rebecca just so happens to be typing this up right now (or maybe we are). Anyhow, there is no other color combo quote like the Virginia Tech’s, so this maroon and orange combo really makes a statement. Our favorite part of this design inspiration? The subtle hints of color in the stone material, and a little bit of a metallic feel but without being shiny. And speaking of metallic… Metallica… Enter Sandman… Let’s Go… HOKIES! OK, I (read: Rebecca) am done now.

virginia tech hokies design inspiration palette

Paint colors: Hearty Orange (SW 6622) and Snowbound (SW 7004)
Stone: Excava from Caesarstone (Quartz), Metropolitan Collection
Tile: Revalia Ceramic Blissful Berry from Daltile
Wallpaper: Trixie in Pink & Coral from Thibaut

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