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Celebrating 20 Years of Kitchen Design Concepts: A Journey of Passion, Progress, and Community

As Kitchen Design Concepts, led by co-founder and CEO, Mary Kathryn Reese, proudly celebrates its 20th anniversary, it’s not just a milestone; it’s a journey that weaves a tapestry of passion, innovation, and community. Over two decades, we’ve evolved, faced challenges, celebrated victories, and most importantly, transformed countless homes, kitchens, and bathrooms with our unique approach to design. Join us as we reflect on the wonderful things we’ve achieved, the changes we’ve embraced, and the enduring values that have defined our identity.

The Foundation: A Recipe for Success

Founded in Dallas, TX, by a duo with backgrounds in management consulting, Kitchen Design Concepts set out with a mission to redefine home design and remodeling through kitchen, bathroom, and whole home projects. The process was refined, but the core ideas remained the same – a commitment to customer service, a process-oriented approach, and a dedication to being more than just transactional.

20 Years of Kitchen Design Concepts

The Kitchen Design Concepts Process

Our unique Process, refined over the years, is a testament to our commitment to syncing with our clients every step of the way. The Lifestyle Assessment Tool guides our design plans, ensuring every specification is met. From setting up temporary kitchens with the exclusive Kitchen Care Package™ to maintaining a clean construction site and constant communication, we prioritize our clients’ experience as if it were our own. 

Growth, Family, and Loss

The Kitchen Design Concepts family has expanded with the joyous birth of two babies and the celebration of three marriages within the team. However, we’ve also experienced loss, with the passing of our co-founder, Jennifer, and a few trade partners. These moments have shaped our journey.

Education and Accreditation

Investing in our team has remained a priority. Hours of study, tools for education, and resources for certifications have enriched our expertise. Kitchen Design Concepts is proud to be associated with NARI, NKBA and ASID, giving back to the industry and staying at the forefront of remodeling trends.

Strategic Expansion and Changes

In 2009, an asset purchase of Kitchen Distributors of America marked a significant expansion. The partner channel line of business was introduced in 2014, catering to home builders and architects. Today, our Design Studio in the Dallas Design District stands as a testament to our growth and commitment to excellence. In 2018, Snappy Kitchens was rolled into Kitchen Design Concepts, now known as Revive, offering scaled-down remodeling services with a focus on color changes and material upgrades.

Home Sweet Home

Over the last 20 years, our journey has taken us to three office locations. Carrollton was our starting point, and Lakewood followed after our Kitchen Distributors of America asset purchase. Now, Kitchen Design Concepts proudly offices in our grand Design Studio in the Dallas Design District, a location that perfectly reflects our growth and commitment to excellence. This studio serves as the epicenter of our creative process, where dreams transform into tangible, stunning realities.

Our New Design Studio

Building Relationships

Trust is the foundation of successful partnerships. Several trade partners, some with us for over a decade, have been instrumental in our success. The same commitment to trust and excellence has resulted in nearly 100 repeat clients, a testament to the enduring satisfaction our clients find in our work.

Team Growth and Culture

From three employees at the beginning to a team of 11, Kitchen Design Concepts has fostered a culture of growth and camaraderie. Celebrating retirements, hosting holiday parties, and participating in industry events are just a few of the things our team enjoys together. 

Nurturing Future Talent

In our 20 years of Kitchen Design Concepts, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting six interns, two of whom have become invaluable full-time team members. This commitment to nurturing talent speaks to our dedication to not only providing excellent service to our clients but also fostering growth within our team.

Culinary Traditions and Client Connections

Our commitment to culinary excellence extends beyond our design process. The entire team, with a culinary focus, has not only participated in events like the NARI Chili Cook-Off but has also embraced traditions like hosting soup parties in the co-founders’ home during the early years. Now, our annual holiday party has evolved into a sit-down dinner for employees, trade partners, and their families, creating a festive atmosphere for 30-40 people.

Chili Cookoff

For the last five years, we’ve hosted the Women in NARI (WIN) holiday luncheon, originally in the co-founders’ home and now in our grand Design Studio. This sit-down meal, prepared by our team, is a celebration of the women in our industry and a fundraiser for North Texas Food Bank.

NARI North Texas Host

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, Kitchen Design Concepts continues to innovate, inspire, and transform homes. With gratitude for our past and excitement for the future, we remain dedicated to our clients, our team, and the art of creating stunning kitchens that stand the test of time.

Join us in celebrating 20 years of Kitchen Design Concepts – where every kitchen, bath, and whole home project tells a unique story of creativity, commitment, and community. Cheers to the next chapter!