Cabinetry For Other Rooms

Cabinetry isn’t just for your kitchen or bathroom. There are lots of rooms in your home, so why not upgrade your storage there too? Today we are diving into some of these “other” rooms that we have remodeled or installed cabinetry in. Flip through each room and get some inspiration for your next home remodel. Let’s get started!


These spaces are usually tucked in beside a laundry room or by a back (or garage) door. Usually, the homeowner walks through this space daily, but guests may not always enter, so from a design standpoint they may be more neglected. But why? We love installing cabinetry in a mudroom! There are a lot of ways to configure a mudroom as well. From seating and clothing storage to counter space for groceries to an office desk or drop-zone. Here we essentially created a butler’s area with plenty of additional storage much needed in a smaller condo in Dallas. We also included space for a large sink to wash a small furry friend, dog food storage, and a wine fridge.

Pantry / Scullery

Pantry cabinets are usually a really great add-on to any kitchen remodel, especially if it isn’t completely behind closed doors. Cabinetry that matches the kitchen also elevates a pantry for higher-end homes. You can also increase organization with adjustable shelves, drawers, and cabinet inserts as opposed to simply installing wood shelves to a pantry wall. See more of this space here.

Fireplace Surround

Don’t neglect your living room! Regardless of if you have a floor to ceiling fireplace (like below) or a smaller version with cubbies left/right for storage (like the top picture), there is likely space for storage. In the top picture, we created a special art case with cabinetry to highlight the client’s favorite collection. Below we actually built cabinetry around an existing aquarium for these Dallas homeowners. While the cabinets allowed the clients to hide all of the “ugly” mechanical features and fish food, we also gave them some floating shelves on the opposite side to display pictures, books, and mementos.

Laundry Room

Even if your laundry room is as small as the units themselves, storage in (or near) the laundry room is a must. Where will the detergent go? And if you have a larger space, think about adding storage with counter space above for easy folding. Or, you can make the room pull double duty by adding a desk space or workstation. A sink, as shown below, is also helpful for scrubbing some of those tougher stains before throwing them in the wash.


Even though this is also a mudroom, there is a lot going on in this tiny space. With entrances from the backyard, garage, and sunroom it has to pull triple duty. Being in the White Rock Lake Estates it was also the perfect home for a large family with lots of kids. So, even though we are wrapping up this school year it’s never to early to be inspired for how to keep your kids organized at home. This perfect drop-zone has space to sit and take off muddy shoes, hang up heavy coats or rain jackets, and place backpacks or purses.


The entertainer’s dream – a separate bar. Not only do you get more storage, but you can ensure that guests have easy access to drinks and you can separate it from the kitchen. Bars can also double as serving areas for large potlucks or hors-d’oeuvres before dinner. Cabinetry storage solutions can be helpful to keep your bar organized as well. Instead of throwing all of your liquor bottles on a shelf in disarray, imagine a pull-out where you can see all of those bottles at once. Just take what you need and keep the rest hidden. Some cabinet hardware also have locking options – perfect to keep those bottles secure.


So your garage has become a dump – a catchall for everything that doesn’t fit in the house. This is especially true for most of us in Dallas considering we don’t see a lot of basements. That being said, nobody wants to be stressed out when coming home or having to make their car sit helplessly outside with the chance of hail. Even if you just install some basic cabinetry – like we did below – with adjustable shelving and some bottom roll-outs behind closed doors, it could make all the difference. Just be aware – you will want to ensure that your garage is climate controlled or the cabinets may warp, or you may have to consider an outdoor cabinet line instead.

Below Stair Storage

Trying to fit in some extra storage? Consider putting some cabinets below the staircase. Below, we installed some base cabinets that sit just underneath the landing of a staircase that is on the other side of the wall. It used to be the back of what we call a “Narnia closet” and was hard to get to. These cabinets actually face inside the butler/bar area off the kitchen and provide a lot of storage for items they use around the house like linens and extra silverware for the dining room.

Entertainment Center

Finally, our pièce de résistance – this fabulous built-in entertainment unit! This art-deco home in Southlake got a full home makeover (you can see the kitchen here) and we wanted to bring matching cabinets into the living room. Lots of open storage for display and plenty of closed doors to hide electrical components. The cabinetry here is also a really fun pattern – not something that you can get from any ole’ furniture store. We love how it turned out!

We hope you are inspired by all of these pictures and consider more than just a kitchen or bathroom in your next remodel. Ready to get started? We are still offering full virtual design services, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.