Cabinet Hardware Options in Design

We always say that the hardware for your cabinetry is like the jewelry for your kitchen. For instance, just the style of your hardware can help define the look you’re going for in your space. Even the finish can help add a pop and the shape, whether square, round, or oblique, can make a big statement in your kitchen! But, there’s much more to cabinet hardware than style and finish. Let’s explore the various hardware options and how to use them through our previous projects. Check it out below!

The Different Types

To start, let’s begin with the various types of hardware.  Generally, the most common options are knobs and pulls, and the lesser-known options are cups and latches. Knobs and pulls come in an endless amount of shapes, sizes, and finishes. The styles can range anywhere from modern to traditional kitchen styles. Cups and latches tend to lean more traditional and are commonly seen in country/farmhouse style spaces.


The fun thing about cabinetry hardware is you can keep it subtle and simple, or you can step outside the box and make a big statement. The options are endless! But what about combining different hardware? This is actually something we do quite often. In fact, we have a little rule that if you want to combine hardware, we say knobs are for the doors, and pulls are for the drawers. Plus, a lovely combination of hardware might just be that extra little something your space is missing!


Hardware is all about placement, placement, placement. Installing a knob too high or a pull too low can truly downgrade the overall look of the space. This is why it’s so important to carefully plan each and every detail in the kitchen design! So, thinking about placement is key. Whether you’re working with a designer or your adding hardware yourself, draw up your kitchen and insert hardware in various placement options to ensure you’ll like the final result, because once the hole is drilled – that’s where it is staying!

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