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Cabinet Hardware – One vs Two Pulls

When it comes to cabinetry, you’d be surprised how many options there are in the world. Imagine you finally picked it all out. The perfect door style. The most gorgeous color. And you and your designer have completed the best layout for your home. Now comes the even harder part: decorative cabinet hardware. Any Mean Girls fans out there? “The limit does not exist” when it comes to finding the ideal hardware for your space. T-pulls vs D-pulls? Knobs or latches? Cup pulls or edge pulls? Seriously, our industry is not at a lack of options when it comes to decorative hardware. But, once you choose an option (or two) then you have to select color, and just as important: cabinet hardware sizing and count.

Two is better than one

So if you’ve fallen in love with a piece of cabinet hardware and there are only smaller sizes and/or you want to use the same size pull everywhere in your kitchen or bathroom – do it! That 6″ pull is perfect; don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. The only question then becomes, ‘what about my small 9″ pullouts, and my large 36″ drawers?’ On the pullouts, it’s easy! You can either turn the pull in a vertical direction or, if you are using knobs elsewhere, use one here too. On your bigger drawers, don’t limit yourself to a single pull. Very rarely are you standing right in front while pulling them out, so install two and offset them to the left and right of the drawer front. See below, where the larger drawers next to the range got two pulls, while the smaller drawers on the side of the island only received one each.

cabinet hardware two pulls
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One pull, multiple sizes

On the other hand, you may have chosen cabinet hardware that has a million sizing options. A few collections we’ve used before are Top Knobs Hopewell, Berenson Elevate, and (as seen in the picture below) Emtek Trinity. The goal here is to use wider pulls in tandem with larger drawer sizes, which is also seen in the featured picture above. There’s a little bit of math required to make sure that the pulls and drawer fronts they go on all feel proportionally similar, but once you figure it out, it’s looks really good. Another thing to be mindful of: some collections also get deeper (meaning they protrude further from the cabinet) as the pull gets wider. It makes the pull look good, but maybe not so much around the room. Be mindful of this and make sure you know if this is happening BEFORE you purchase. It’s fine, but be aware and make your own decision. When choosing different sizes, you can also change the “height” of the cabinet hardware on your swing doors. See below for a kitchen where we used four different sizes.

cabinet hardware one pull
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