Bookshelves for Book-Lover’s Day!

Did you know today is book lover’s day?! With today’s advance in technology and basically anything you need can be accessed online, the physical aspect of holding a book, and feeling the paper between your fingers has become more of a thing of the past. However, there are many of us book lovers out there that feel technology could never replace the way we read our books! From bookshelves in kitchens to living spaces to actual libraries, we decided we are celebrating by remembering some of our favorite bookshelves we’ve incorporated into our designs! Check them out below:

Living Space Library

If you have a collection of books, you typically have a space to store them. They are beautiful and can add character to any space! We love how our clients wanted to incorporate a library into their living space where they can pull out a book to read any time they want.

Cookbook Collection in the Kitchen

When you have clients that love to cook and love to test recipes, they are sure to have a collection of cookbooks. So, our clients wanted to incorporate a bookshelf in their kitchen space to store all their cookbooks. Now they have direct access anytime they are feeling creative in the kitchen!

The Library of Libraries

We love this office space turned library. Who wouldn’t want to get some work done, then kick your feet up with a good book in this space. Not only do we love the warm and inviting color scheme but we love the pops of color from the book spines.  We’d call this a perfect setting for book lover’s day!

Cookbooks for the Chef

The purpose of a book lover’s day is to take some time and spend the day reading your favorite books. Our client of this space is a hobby chef. So we have a sneaking suspicion she will be doing some reading from her cookbooks. Testing out recipes and being creative in the kitchen is a favorite pastime of hers. So, having direct access to a bookshelf incorporated into the island was a must!

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