Bathrooms For Lovers

Just in time for Valentine’s ay have we got the perfect bathrooms for lovers. While the holiday might be overrated for some, a gorgeous bathroom never is. A bathroom is a perfect and private retreat in your home, and if done well, it just might be perfect for a pair to enjoy together. Whether it’s a double shower or a bathtub fit for two, there are many ways to design a bathroom for you and your plus one. Check out some of our favorite bathrooms for lovers below!

Shower fit with all the bells and whistles

A shower fit for two with all the bells and whistles? What more could we ask for?! Each showerhead having their own control and a rain shower in the middle to share? Very romantic if you ask us. Plus as a bonus, the handheld shower is perfect for the family pup – a nice time saver for another love in your life!

Tub complete with a wine shelf

What can be better than a tub complete with a wooden shelf for your romantic wine-time with your loved one? If you didn’t know you needed this feature, you do now! A perfect setting here for Valentine’s Day is to dim the lights, light some candles, fill up the tub, and fill the wine glasses – and you’re good to go for Valentine’s Day. And heck, why not treat your self to a special time such as this in your bathroom every now and then, regardless of the day?

Tub and shower side by side

While a tub next to the shower might not sound romantic, it sure can be if you want it to be. While one person showers, the other can take a bath – separate, yet together (you can thank the clear glass for that). With our everyday lives, our routines can become mundane, so put a little twist on your daily shower or bath routine and make it romantic!

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