One of the most creative parts of the job is helping our clients find the right tiles for their kitchen backsplash. Whereas we often want to work with more neutral colors for the large surfaces of cabinets and countertops, backsplashes allow us to insert fun textures, colors and shapes into the space. From glass and ceramic to natural stones, you can find about any texture and color in a variety of price points. Here are just a few from our kitchen gallery to get your creativity flowing…

Below, this home in the Lakewood area of Dallas added a lot of interest by using an assortment of small colored glass tiles.

Below, here are some close-ups of kitchen backsplashes to show just the beginning when it comes to the variety of patterns, textures and colors available.

Glass tiles blend many colors within a single tile, creating a piece of art

A blend of natural stones bring texture for a tone-on-tone look in the kitchen

The photo below shows how this backsplash (above) brought interest to a black and white kitchen