Back-To-School Spaces

For the kids (and heck, parents too!), going back to school is an exciting time of year. Towards the end of summer, families are starting to prep for new routine as kids are prepping for a new school year. It’s really a nice time for the whole family- routine can do everyone some good 🙂 While we don’t specifically design for back to school per-say, many of the areas we design are definitely back to school friendly and perfect to share this time of year. Take a look below for some great back to school spaces in the home!

Mudroom Extraordinaire

This entire area was a part of an add-on project we did for a client (check out the addition here!). We essentially added on to the garage and created a new mudroom, powder room, and laundry area. In the mudroom, we have a perfect place for kids to hang their backpacks and other gear needed for school- like sports gear.

In the next room over, we incorporated a nice little desk area which is a lovely and quiet place to do some homework! The desk has everything you’ll need with a nice work space and storage space.

Then, if the kids get a little hungry or thirsty, they can go straight to the integrated fridge and grab a nice little snack. Really, they have everything they need right there! Perfect for back to school if you ask us.

A Multi-Functional Kitchen

In this next project, we added some sneaky little things to the kitchen. One not so sneaky is the desk. This is a perfect place to hang with the family but also get some homework done.

Some of the more sneaky elements we’ve incorporated are this lovely cork board that sits hidden inside of a cabinet. This is a perfect place for parents and kids to have an overview of everything that’s happening for the week/month. It’s a great place to hang invitations, sports schedules and more without making visible clutter in the kitchen.

Lastly, we are loving the integrated beverage fridge that sits inside the island. This provides easy access for the whole family, whether it’s grabbing a juice box for the little ones or a soda for the older kids.

We love incorporating elements into your space that will help make your life easier!