As a design firm that specializes in remodeling kitchens and baths, you may think the only hat we wear is the designer or the contractor’s hat. Well, truth is, as designers we wear many hats! We’re not experts in everything, but we do have to be knowledgeable in everything. Our jobs go beyond the drafting table, from knowing traits of different materials, to knowing the rules and regulations of code, and know how to guide our clients to the right decisions. Now with helping guide our clients, we do sometimes have to ask very forward questions. We started talking amongst ourselves, not realizing that some of these questions could be potentially awkward; to us, the questions are actually quite normal! So, we thought, why not share some of the “awkwardness” and explain why we ask what we ask!

Awkward question 1: Do you shower/bathe together?

Meaning: What we are trying to determine here is the amount of showerheads needed. The answer could either be 1, 2, or more showerheads. Then as a follow up, would you want the showerheads to be pressure/temperature controlled separately? For bathing there are many types of sizes of tubs. If you prefer bathing alone then a smaller tub would be required vs. a two-person tub, which obviously would be larger. In conclusion, we’re not trying to figure out whether you like showering together or not, just simply trying to figure out logistics in design!

Awkward question 2: Do you need to have your commode enclosed and vented?

Meaning: This one could have several meanings. One would be “how “stinky” are you”? The second would be, “do you prefer privacy from your partner while using the toilet” or maybe you prefer not seeing anyone else using the commode? Whatever your reasoning is, we would need to know whether to plan for an enclosed toilet or not, which does take up a portion of the bathroom space.

Awkward question 3: Do you need a magazine rack next to your commode?

Meaning: Different people take different amounts of time. We’ve had clients who have expressed they sit on the commode anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes or more. We certainly don’t care how long you take, we are just trying to figure out how to make the experience better and if you need a place for reading material or not! 🙂

Awkward question 4: Do you want to be able to see into your shower?

Meaning: We are trying to determine what type of glass to use. Today, there are many options! Clear glass vs frosted glass? Or would you like a half wall with glass for semi private option? So yes, we do need to know how private you would like to be while showering.

Awkward question 5: Which way do you face when showering?

Meaning: Maybe not so awkward, but it might be if you think we just want to know for no reason. But what we are trying to figure out is where would you prefer the bench or shampoo niche based on where you typical arm reach is. Next time you shower, think about this one!

Awkward question 6: Is there a GPF (gallon per flush) requirement that is important to you?

Meaning: Commodes have regulations, but there are commodes that will have different “flushing power” options. Some have two flush options with a low flush option and a high flush option. So, depending on your needs, you can select the power each time you use the toilet!

Awkward Question 7: Is there a need for a bidet seat?

Meaning: How do you typically clean your bum? While the most common way to stay clean is simply taking a shower, a bidet is also an option for those who prefer to cleanse while sitting on the toilet. Today’s modern bidets can have many features, check them out below.

Awkward Question 8: What features are important to you on your bidet seat?

Meaning:  The bidet seats today have come a long way from the good ole classic bidet that may come to mind. They have different settings like a heated seat, vibrate/pulsing seat, and even fragrances! So, our goal with this question is to find the best bidet option for your needs.

We hope this didn’t get too awkward today! Again, to us, we are trying to learn the most we can about your needs and that sometimes involves some uncomfortable questions.  Not awkward for us, since it just a part of our jobs, but could come as a surprise to you!