All About the Kitchen Design Concepts Design Meeting

Whether your project is a kitchen, bath, laundry room, or even your entire home, no project is ever alike- but the process that gets us from A to Z however, remains the same (99% of the time!). One of our most favorite steps in the whole process is the design meeting. The design meeting is a sort of presentation of our findings based on everything we’ve discussed until that point, almost like a reveal! So, in order to have a successful design meeting, we strive to communicate effectively with you and really get to know every single need for your project from the start. So how do we get there?

Where we begin: Initial meeting

The initial meeting begins with a scheduled appointment at your home. What better place to begin than standing in your space! Here we have a little sit-down and we get to learn about you and your project and you get to learn about us, our process, and Kitchen Design concepts as a whole. The main goal is to learn as much as we can and for you to feel comfortable and feel we are the right fit.

In the Meantime: We get to work on designs

After the initial meeting concludes, we get to designing! Here we take all the information we’ve been given such as design needs, wants, budget, and any other special items and get to work. We collect samples, work on creating palettes, and plug prices into our pricing sheet to give you a price range on what your project will cost.

Then, We Have Our Design Meeting

It’s finally time for the big design meeting! Today we meet in our showroom. We show you around and look at various door styles and finishes we have in our selection. Although we have handpicked styles based on our previous conversations, it’s good to know that changes can be made especially during this important meeting.
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Below is a simple breakdown of the meeting.

Go over drawings

To start, we begin with going over our drawings and ideas that we’ve come up with. We take a look at the overall layout, cabinet selections, and interior features. We jot down notes for changes and edits to be made so that everything is perfect and where it needs to be.


Looking at the various materials we’ve selected based on our previous conversations might be the most exciting part of the design meeting. This is where you start to really get a vision of what your space will look like!


Perspectives are great, and they are awesome for when it’s sometimes difficult to visualize what your space can look like.

Make Changes

Oftentimes we have design changes after a design meeting. This could be changing the layout of the space, material changes, and other items. But this helps us to finalize the design and get us a solid price for your project.

Ready for the first step? Let us know!