Roshel Holland

Showroom Manager

Office and Showroom Manager, Roshel provides exceptional customer service to guests and clients visiting our showroom. In addition to her organizational prowess, Roshel also has a penchant for customer service. With project management as a core strength, Roshel is organized, detailed, resourceful, and thorough. She complements our team and is an integral member of Kitchen Design Concepts.

A bit of garnish: “As a military brat, Mom dragged me all across Europe and Asia and I was exposed to many cultures sites and flavors. That is probably what engendered my love of food and experimenting with different cuisines. I’m drawn to authentic Asian flavors and street food, as well as southern comfort food. I learned my way around the kitchen from my large family – I’m the 76th grandchild! I enjoy reading and traveling and I’m very into glamping near a lake, ocean, river or waterfall. The way to my heart: Avocado smoothies with lychee jelly, orchids, peonies and tattoos. Not necessarily in that order!”

R Holland