Ed McDaniel

Residential Project Manager

Residential Project Manager Ed McDaniel earned a degree in mechanical engineering, holds a general building contractor license, and has a boundless passion for project management. Ed’s expertise has allowed us to expand our remodel team quickly and efficiently to meet market demand.

Ed has a background in environmental construction, first as a principal with ES Alternatives where he led efforts related to renewable energy projects, and later as VP of Projects for Gateway Green Energy. Ed brings expert attention to detail and deep knowledge with regard to all operations of the remodeling business.

A bit of garnish: “In my spare time, I like to play tennis and golf. It seems as though I’ve grown into more of a spectator these days. There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching my grandson play baseball, basketball, and soccer. It brings back my own great childhood memories of team sports with a bunch of buddies. Circle of life, right?”

E McDaniel