Drew Kienzlen

Partner Channel / Junior Designer

At a young age Drew was ambitiously artistic. He loved to draw, paint, sketch floor plans and incorporated the use of pastels and charcoal in his art work. He entered the Texas Fair art competition on several occasions and placed 2nd. He would also take art lessons for years, developing his skill, and taking on larger and more complicated projects.

Drew was always fascinated with art which made him get an associates of arts degree. He soon after found an exciting job that he loved in designing kitchens with IKEA. Five years of experience gave him expertise, knowledge and helped develop his great passion for design which led him to Kitchen Design Concepts. Drew also brings with him a background that encompasses CAD rendering, web design and carpentry skills. Being an easy going, laid back people person, Drew creates strong business relationships that conveys trust and openness. This makes him an invaluable member of the team.

Drew Kienzlen
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