If you are like the rest of us, you have probably spent a lot of time in the kitchen over the past couple of months. From Thanksgiving through the welcoming of the new year, the kitchen seems to be at the heart of every gathering and activity. If you have an old or outdated kitchen,you may have even thought “Hmmm…wouldn’t it be nice to have a pretty new kitchen.” The truth is that in addition to improving your own enjoyment, a well-done kitchen remodel will most definitely increase the value of your home. Almost any Realtor will tell you that the kitchen is the single-most important room when re-selling a home.

Beverly Lawler, of Coldwell Banker in Dallas Texas, says that the kitchen and master bedroom/bath are the most important rooms in the house when selling a home. “A kitchen is key because the kitchen is at the center of our lives and a place where we spend a good amount of time. When home buyers are shopping, they will often forgive a few fix-up items here and there, but a well-designed kitchen will often seal the deal.”

In an article on NKBA.com, the website of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, Nicholas Draper says, “Did you know that renovating a kitchen or bath is the best way to add value to your home? As we wait for the economy to stabilize and home prices to increase, there are a number of ways you can work on your home now to ensure a great return on investment in the months and years ahead.” He goes on to say, “Kitchens are the core of our command centers. They need to be both practical and efficient. Social and business entertaining are becoming more common, so kitchens must have a sense of style, as well as function. Kitchens make a strong lifestyle statement.”

We have found that to be the case with our clients as well.

Client and realtor, Dori Warner with David Griffin & Co. in Dallas, told us, “As a realtor, I always tell my clients how important kitchens and baths are for inspiring the highest sales price possible for their home. This was certainly true of my experience after listing my home with a kitchen designed and remodeled by Kitchen Design Concepts. The first person that walked in the door of my home after I put it on the market not only made an offer on the spot, but paid more for it than any other home had ever sold for in my neighborhood!”

So, for improving your lifestyle in the near-term and your home value in the future, investing in your kitchen is a sound (and rewarding) decision!

If outside of the Dallas area, NKBA’s ProSearch tool is a good one to use to locate an experienced kitchen and bath professional in your neighborhood.