Home and Garden Television’s show, Bang For Your Buck, highlighted three Dallas-area remodels. Receiving top honors was this Coppell kitchen designed by Kitchen Design Concepts. This Tuscan inspired kitchen is projected to add about $72,000 to the value of their home! In addition to boasting an 80% return on their investment, host of the show Vern Yip praises the design saying it is “the perfect marriage of function and aesthetics.”

The mix of complimentary materials, use of commercial-grade appliances, large teak island, and the new windows and french doors were just a few of the elements that put this kitchen over the top.

This kitchen is home to a skilled hobby chef and special attention was paid to her needs when creating this space. A marble baking slab and a hands-free sink were incorporated for beautiful functionality for someone who bakes almost everyday. The large central island has become a favorite place for neighborhood kids to sample cookies.

A kitchen upgrade is one of the most reliable investments that can increase the value of your home. “In this economic climate, now more than ever, homeowners want to know that the money they’re investing is wisely spent” Jennifer Sherrill. For more information on this story visit our article!