The galley kitchen that we started with in this house was dated, out of style, and lacking in functionality. An L-shaped cabinet closed off the space from the rest of the house and contributed to the small, closed off feeling of the kitchen. By removing the imposing cabinets the kitchen area was opened to the breakfast and living areas. Cork flooring was used throughout the living and kitchen area to unite the spaces and create an updated look. A counter-depth refrigerator was used instead of a free standing unit to improve the walkway and sight lines.

Opening up the space is only one of the goals for this space, the other was to update the overall style of the space. That was achieved by using black granite countertops, sleek cabinets, and stainless steel appliances. While the kitchen is fresh and contemporary, the travertine backsplash and cork flooring have an organic feel that softens the room.

This kitchen is no longer a cramped space to just cook a meal or two. It is now a beautiful and inviting space to spend time together! For a deeper look at some tips for your kitchen renovation read our blog in the Snappy Kitchens website.