“I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate.” – Julia Child

Seems that Julia didn’t have a kitchen like THIS when she was a child (yes, the pun is intended). Why not bring the kids into the kitchen? It’s where everything happens! The sharing of love, laughter, learning… the passing on of special recipes, and simply sitting together talking about the day, all take place in that magical space – the kitchen.

Imagine a kitchen where children can mingle with adults. There are many ways to turn your kitchen into a family friendly place that everyone can enjoy. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be covered in cartoon characters and crayons to be kid friendly. Quite the contrary! This example shows how a house can have a beautiful, sophisticated kitchen, that is still welcoming to family members of all ages. The beautiful cabinetry and appliances blend in seamlessly and provides a special place for everyone at the table. Kids and adults can enjoy cubbies to keep their backpacks and gear in order, and a special “kids table” where everyone can sit and draw…on the WALL! All this is possible without losing an ounce of gorgeous.

So bring on the kids and bring on the fun! Bon appétit!

A Kid-Friendly Kitchen!

Kid Friendly Kitchen

The wine rack cabinetry provides the perfect storage for adults, while the lighter cabinet colors and light gray walls provide a fun environment for kids. This kitchen provides a cool temperature regarding the walls and cabinetry, however also brings in bold browns through the table and flooring to accent the beautiful light gray. The island table and unique chairs is a very relaxing environment to enjoy dinner, and can also be used for a board game night with the kids!

Happy Birthday Wall

Whoever said black and brown shouldn’t be mixed hasn’t seen this kitchen. The dark brown wood has a beautiful, deep brown and black mixture, allowing for this fun black chalkboard accent wall.

Allow your kids to stay entertained while the adults cook, give them the go ahead to write on the wall! But only in the kitchen – of course.

Happy Birthday Wall Chair

If your kids enjoy drawing and playing with toys simultaneously, add a small kid’s table, where kids will feel special and included in kitchen activities while they play. Kid’s love having their own special tables fit to their size!

Backpack and Cubbies

Finding storage is always a pain, but is easier with these beautiful, gliding wooden drawers. The wall above can be used for accent pieces, backpacks, or for both! In this kitchen, accent hooks hold backpacks in a unique, fun, and organized manner.