This is the second in a series of entries that we will offer depending on your particular use for your kitchen. We hope you enjoyed “A Kitchen for: Kids” and that you find some entertainment in this one for those who like to bake. If neither of these fit your fancy, stay tuned. There will be much more to come (for those who entertain, vegans, dog-lovers – you name it, we’ve designed it)!

A Kitchen for: Baking
Baking is an art of its own which requires different tools, pans, appliances, and ingredients. If you love to bake, we have some kitchen design tips that will help turn your kitchen into a baker’s dream…

First, we love a farm sink if you will be using your kitchen for baking – the sheer size of the sink without a barrier in the middle easily holds large mixing bowls, baking sheets and lots of them.

Secondly, opt for oversized or multiple ovens – sure makes life easy when you can bake many goods at once and don’t have to go through three or more runs of baking.

Third, make a convenient workstation with all tools of the trade within arm’s reach. For this baker’s kitchen, we chose a marble-topped slab that’s perfect for rolling out cookie dough and pastries. It’s a designated area with an easy-to-clean surface for those messy but important tasks.

Fourth, keep your most-used appliances handy and within reach. A baker’s go-to tool is typically a giant Cuisinart mixer. We made this Cuisinart a home in an easy-to-reach open shelf tucked under the island.

Fifth, consider a pot rack.Pots and pans take up a lot of room in kitchen cabinets, and so do big mixing bowls, spatulas, cookie sheets, cake pans and other baking tools. We placed the pots and pans out of the way to make room for baking supplies by hanging them from the ceiling.

Sixth, install a prep sink. This one in the island allows our baker to measure key ingredients over the sink and makes between step hand-washing a breeze. Plus, if there is a second cook in the kitchen, you and your baking are out of the way while someone else is preparing dinner.

And, finally, if you like to socialize while you bake and get others in on the action, design the space so it feels like a gallery.In this kitchen, the giant island is part workspace, part watch space. You can mix away from one side while friends and family can chat and stay out of the way from the barstools on the other side.