Welcome to the third in our series of “A Kitchen For:” where we are featuring a few of our kitchens and the lifestyles of the owners who now enjoy them. As an amateur chef, recipe tester for Cooks Illustrated, and kitchen remodeler, I personally appreciate this kitchen made for a chef. Your lifestyle should dictate the choices you make when designing and remodeling a new kitchen, but I think you’ll agree that there are many features of this kitchen that make it a winner. First, there is a ton of counter space for prepping and plating, many burners and ovens for multiple-pan cooking, and tons of cabinet space…

The kitchen features industrial-grade appliances and two sinks at key pivot points make life simple. Plus, I love that the island has bar stools where people can gather because gathering in the kitchen as the heart of the home is never truer than when in the kitchen of a chef.

We left the doors off of these rolling shelves to make access to cookware even that much easier.

Check back for our next blog in the series and make sure to catch up with the first two, “A Kitchen for: Kids” and “A Kitchen for: Baking“…and if you just want to gaze at some beautiful kitchen photos, click here.