2020 Trends: Into the New Decade

Happy New Year to all of our Kitchen Design Concepts friends, family, and followers! We have entered the new year on a high note and wanted to share some of our favorite 2020 trends that we think will last through the beginning of this new decade. Ready? Check them out below!

Bold colors

Walls, cabinets, tile, counters – anything that can have color will have color! in 2019 blues and greens began to dominate and we started seeing them being used as neutrals. But what about the 2020 trends? We think you will see these cool tones still, but they will pop against brighter colors and be darker and deeper shades that previously used. Check out “Goodbye White, Hellow Color!” for more ideas for using bold colors around your home.

Large Print Patterns

Colors and patterns have definitely been used more often recently and we think this will evolve in 2020 to greater use of large print patterns, especially in wallpaper selection. Smaller geometric and dainty patterns are going out of style and overused, so think big and bold! If you haven’t heard of the maximalism movement, this is one way to really get that going. Large prints, bold colors, high contrast, and a mix of patterns and colors can still bring a room together. Gone are the days of obsessive minimalism.

Warm Woods

Wood can be used in more ways around the home than simply on your cabinets or on the floor? Like this poplar covered man-cave, have you considered using it around an entire room? Or maybe as a ceiling covering? When you do use it, however, for our 2020 trends we are thinking more light and warm tones (not white-washed though) as opposed to the deeper cocoa and almost black stains. Check out “Walnut Wood: A Trending Topic” to see another gorgeous wood in action.

Black and White

This is probably by far our favorite trend that we are looking forward to seeing evolve. Black and white is such a classic color combo and we’ve seen it used year after year, so what will make 2020 any different? A bigger emphasis on black (remember trend #1 – bold colors?) and a wider variety if mixing patterns and shapes together to make a space more interesting. Here we have included a hex shape along with large rectangular looks while painting all of the wood items – cabinets, doors, and trim – a black color to make a bolder statement.

A Place for Plants

The concept of biophilia is on the rise and we think it tops the 2020 trends list. What is it? It’s the idea of human connection to nature. Bringing the outside in. What does that mean for design, however? First and foremost, more people will find a place in their designs to fit plants into their homes. You will also start seeing a trend of the design itself – mostly by form – of mimicking design you see in nature. Finally, people will become even more environmentally conscious of the material they are using in their remodels.

What do you think? Which is your favorite? Let us know! Also, check out “Best of KBIS 2019” for more design trends and ideas.