2018 Kitchen and Bath Trend Predictions

With only three days left of 2017, we can now start looking towards 2018 and begin projecting some of the kitchen and bath trends we expect to see in 2018! Now, being that we can’t look into the future, we’ve based our predictions on trends that have been on the rise, what we’ve learned from kitchen and bath industry professionals, and the popular requests from our clients (yes, we learn a lot from our clients too!). Also, something exciting coming up is the industry trade show, KBIS 2018 (kitchen and bath industry show), where we will blog a recap where you can discover even more ideas and trends that you can use for your space! So, check back in with us next month! Meanwhile, let’s check out some of our design predictions for 2018!

Green Cabinetry

At one of our industry trainings this year, we saw the most beautiful deep green vanity. Now, we have seen a lot of beautiful greens in fashion lately, and fashion is very reflective with interiors as well, including cabinetry! So, we understand why we will be seeing more greens in kitchens and baths. This cabinet finish has not yet been released, but we will definitely be sharing with you all once we use it in a design! Maybe it’s your space we will use this beautiful finish?!


Wet and Dry Bars

More and more we are receiving requests from our clients about redesigning or incorporating wet/dry bars into their space. While we design our spaces with zones, why not have a zone for your bar?! Bars are great for entertaining, and also it relieves the bar storage from your kitchen or other storage areas.

Dramatic Backsplash

Your kitchen backsplash serves two purposes, to protect your walls, and to look beautiful! Lately, what we’ve been seeing more and more is large scale or slab sized backsplashes, and we love the dramatic look it gives! We’ve also noticed, clients are steering away from “picture frame” insets over cooktops, rather incorporating a continuation of the same backsplash all over. Oh, we love the drama!

Cement Finishes

We love seeing cement finishes in a space. Whether it is countertops, backsplash, or flooring, the cement accents give an industrial and minimalist feel. Cement is usually kept in a grey color which is neutral, and goes with almost any space!

Two-Tone Cabinetry

This was one of our 2017 predictions, and we bring it over to 2018 because it’s a trend that is still going strong and becoming more and more popular. Two-tone can be done by having two different cabinet finishes in a space. This could be an island one finish, and the perimeter another finish, or where base cabinets are a different finish from the wall cabinets.

What are some of your kitchen and bath trend predictions?