Month: April 2012

Take My Tiles, Please!

My kitchen flooring is the bain of my existence. I enjoy the look of the pristine white tiles and grout, but I quickly realized my lifestyle rarely lets the floor stay looking that clean. Ever since I was little, I’ve been known to get a case of what my mom calls “the dropsies.” It’s a serious case of butterfingers that happens in waves and most recently seems to peak in the kitchen. My dachshund’s been having a field day licking up all my dropped veggies, butter, eggs, you-name-it before I can get to it.

Brighter Lights Make for a Brighter Mood

When I first moved into my house, my kitchen lighting was pretty ugly – two giant fluorescents complete with little bug corpses piled into the corners of the fixtures. They were unsightly but functional, so I saved what I could from my “paying-back-student-loans” type budget and eventually had enough to finally replace my infamously ugly kitchen lights. I was ecstatic when I could upgrade to contemporary-style track lighting. I expected the new lights to make my kitchen look more modern and open – which they did.

A Southern Tradition That’s Just Peachy

There are a million different reasons why I love being Southern and peach cobbler Is pretty high up on that list (somewhere near Blue Bell ice cream and wrap-around porches). When my mom made it for me as a kid, she made it look so easy – a little of this, a little of that and never any measuring. Plus, the cobbler always went into the oven looking an ugly mess only to emerge looking food-magazine worthy an hour later.

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