Month: February 2012

Old Doors Open New Option

Call me a hippie, but I love “up-cycling.” The idea takes recycling to the next level, literally turning trash into treasure. I’ve seen entire gardens made from 2-liter bottles, pet beds made from old computers and surprising new uses for wine corks. One of my favorite ideas was a coffee table one blogger created from a secondhand door. She kept the knicks, scratches and old-fashioned hardware the door came with to create a table with lots of character.

Dog-Friendly Dining

Family tends to gather in the kitchen and any dog lover knows that always includes the family pet. This can quickly turn into chaos, especially for owners of multiple dogs. I only have one – a tiny, 10-pound miniature dachshund named Munchie – and I can only imagine what owners of big dogs must go through.

Becoming a Tech-Savvy Chef

Technology has made our lives easier and that also applies to the kitchen. Sure, the e-reader version of my grandmother’s recipe book will never replace the dog-eared, hand-highlighted copy but being tech-savvy in the kitchen does have its benefits.

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