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Classic Contemporary

We’ve been told not to judge a book by its cover and the same is true with our homes. This project is a contemporary respite wrapped inside a traditional brick home. The use of the different style tile in the same color maintains continuity while adding texture to the space. Adding high end appliances, like the induction cooktop (my favorite), make this kitchen a joy to use!

With a pool just outside the kitchen it was important to the homeowners to bring the outside in as well as to be able to see the pool from the kitchen. The huge windows enabled the view outside while using the same colors in kitchen and in the pool, your eye connects the two spaces.

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Sleek Spaces

Sometimes less really is more! The simple beauty of the design and the combination of natural materials in this kitchen create a sophisticated and textured look. Fantastic materials and modern appliances can speak for themselves without much design intervention. In spite of the tall ceilings and abundance of light, the use of dark, rich tones allows this space to feel warm and welcoming.

The use of these darker finishes also helps to delineate the kitchen space. This open concept floor plan allows the living and kitchen spaces to feel as if it were one large room. The dark finishes of the kitchen, contrasted by the white walls of the adjoining space, create a visual distinction between the two space without hindering the open feel.

Every inch of this kitchen space is utilized and the island is no exception! The abundance of drawers and cabinets in this kitchen ensures that every item has a home.

Lastly, the appliances make cooking in this kitchen an enjoyable and easy task. The wine chiller and under counter microwave offer functionality while saving valuable counter space.

This kitchen is a true testament to design and beautiful finishes. To see more examples of style enhancing materials check out our gallery now!

Improving an Investment

This mid-century home, built in 1952, was an irresistible investment opportunity that needed a little work. Since the kitchen is the showcase of the house, that is were the project started. Our goal in this renovation was to create a space that is open, bright, modern, and clean. In order to make this 14-by-11-foot space seem bigger we removed the wall between the kitchen and living space and rearranged everything in the room. To open the room, the refrigerator was switched with the stove to allow for more storage space. The under-counter microwave creates more counter space in the kitchen. An avonite countertop accented by yellow pendant lighting gives the space a warm feeling. A metal laminate countertop has the look of stainless steel and contributes to the contemporary look.

Cork flooring used throughout is softer material, friendlier to both your feet and the environment than traditional hardwood floors. For better access to spices the doors of this cabinet pull up instead of out. The bottom drawer freezer is a more user friendly alternative for those that use the refrigerator more than the freezer. The exposed beams add support as well as a decorative touch.

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