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The Early American Kitchen

America’s early settlers had a lasting impact on interior styling. These settlers lived simple lives, which was reflected in the design and architecture of their homes. Still to this day, these styles are continuously being used. You may hear terms such as: Colonial, Federal, and/or Georgian, but we like to simply call it the “Early American” style. Typical things you may see in an early American kitchen would be simple carvings, posts, feet on furniture, clean simple lines, simple décor, and wood floors. Designs and styles have changed throughout history, but as designers, we continue to gather bits and pieces of design from different eras. Styles may come and go, but the good ones tend to stick around. In light of the 4th of July, we are honored to share one of our favorite early American kitchens that we have designed!

  The use of earthy color-tones is simple, yet it speaks to the early American styles.


The use of posts in the island show a strong yet functional structure- a staple of early American design.


Open shelving for plates was a great way to display and store ceramics, and even today it is used the same way!


The use of glass in the display cabinet highlights the simple décor, going along with the characteristics of the simplicity of the Early American style.


The backsplash is simple, yet stylish. It may not be something you would have seen in the 1700s, but it doesn’t overpower the overall theme. Beautiful!


The earthy red painted cabinets with a worn rustic look shows off the gorgeous raised panels on the cabinet doors.

We hope you enjoyed our early American kitchen and we wish you a happy 4th of July!


Top Tips to Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel

Before undergoing a kitchen remodel there are a few things you need to think about. Some people don’t realize some of the difficulties of living without a functioning kitchen for the duration of the remodel. Others like to dive in head first and face the challenges as they appear. We believe in prepping our clients to the best of our ability so that everything goes smoothly throughout the process. Yes, your daily routine may be disrupted but our ultimate goal is that our clients get their dream kitchen, always. Here are some honest tips for people who are thinking about a remodel or are about to go forward with one:

  1. A successful temporary kitchen: We covered this topic in detail in the last blog, but this one deserves to be repeated. It is so important! This is the spot that will house some of your dishes, food, flatware, small appliances and most importantly, your food! Get more information on a successful temporary kitchen here.
  2. Work with a designer: This may seem obvious, but working with a designer will relieve you of a lot of responsibility. Our designers make sure measurements add up, cabinetry is ordered correctly, and we keep track of every component needed from floor to ceiling. That’s what we love to do. Our happiest moment is seeing a happy client in their new beautiful kitchen (or bath!). The designer is also the middle man, he or she takes care of all the details with other contractors such as the electrician or plumber. Sit back, relax, and let your designer do the dirty work.
  3. Patience: Patience is KEY. If you realize and accept that remodeling does not happen overnight, then you are already on your way. Remodeling, no matter how large or small does take time and can sometimes be frustrating. We urge you, as your designer, to look at the light at the end of the tunnel. Every day that goes by is another day closer to completion!

We love what we do and we love making our clients happy. If you feel ready to take the next step, then give us a call!

We leave you with some of our clients “lights at the end of their tunnels”

16june2016- (1)

Setting Up the Temporary Kitchen

The hardest part of a kitchen remodel is surviving without a fully functioning kitchen. Depending on the extent of remodel you may have to live without water,  the oven, cooktop, the fridge, or possibly all your kitchen appliances! Don’t fret! We are here to give you the tools and tips you need to survive. Over the years we have perfected our survival guide by listening and working with our clients, and we want to share a few really good pointers with you!

  1. Don’t pack down your whole kitchen. Meaning: don’t pack the appliances that will help make your temporary kitchen successful! Think: crock-pot for delicious soups, a blender for easy breakfast smoothies, and a toaster oven for making mini pizzas. These are just a few of the appliances that will help make your remodel process a breeze.
  2. Find a good location. This is important as you will be using it every day. This location will temporarily host your morning coffee, your mini appliances, some pantry items, and probably a fridge. We’ve seen this pop-up in several locations: living rooms, dining rooms, laundry rooms, and even bedrooms! The most important thing is to keep it away from debris and pathways into the construction areas.
  3. Good time to utilize the outdoors. If you have a grill, then you’re golden when it comes to the temporary kitchen. When the weather permits, this is a perfect tool to use! The grill will become your new best friend as it will make preparing your proteins no more difficult than cooking it in your kitchen. Don’t forget those veggies also make a great grill food!
  4. Pantry staples. The time has come where it is acceptable for you to fully enjoy having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner, who wouldn’t?! This is a great time to use those staples and get creative with what you have. Get creative and think: canned goods can make a delicious soup and that tasty pasta can be made in a jiffy. For more ideas check out these awesome pantry dinner ideas from Better Homes and Gardens.
  5. Eat out. You know, we all have that drawer stashed full of take-out menus. Why not use this opportunity to scout out some of those restaurants you’ve been wanting to try? It may not seem ideal to do every day, but once or twice a week will eliminate cooking and clean up on those days.

Here are some shots from a real live temporary kitchen:

7july2016- (1)

7july2016- (2)

7july2016- (3)

We like to joke with our clients and say that it’s kind of like camping inside your own home, but keep in mind that it’s only temporary. Most importantly, be looking at the light at the end of the tunnel: your completed kitchen remodel!