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Paints 101

We’re always joking that selecting paint colors is the hardest part of our job! There are so many factors that can affect the tone or hue of the color, like sunlight or even the furniture in the room. If you have tried to select a paint color in the past, you know there are up to 100 different shades of every color. Even just trying to find the perfect white, you will find yourself sampling several shades until you find the right one! We have 5 simple tips that will help ease the process of selecting a paint color, take a look!


  1. Don’t select the paint color until everything is in place. As kitchen remodelers, we do not discuss paint until the cabinets, countertops, flooring, backlash, and other furniture are in place. Each of these elements will have an effect on the paint color, so selecting it last will save a lot of time.
  2. Once everything is in place, we begin to look at color swatches and select a few options. Limit the options to about 3-5 colors as it could be overwhelming with too many.
  3. Paint a sample of each color on the wall, this will allow you and your client to envision what it would look like in the room.
  4. Leave the samples for at least 24 hours. This allows your client to see the color in different shades of light from morning to night.
  5. Make final selections, or simply repeat the process!



Paint Sheens include:







First Friday Feature

We enjoy going back and looking at past projects and remembering all the details that went into them. Today,  we are excited to share a kitchen project with warm color tones and special design details, such as the reclaimed wood bar top! Although this project is closing in on being 8 years old, it’s one we won’t forget!


This kitchen features Kitchen Craft Integra cabinetry in maple wood, Cappuccino stain, and Salem door style.


The main countertop is a 3cm Caesarstone in Champagne Limestone, and the bar countertop features a reclaimed wood slab.


The backsplash features a 1×2 Glass Reflections tile from Daltile, and an accent of 4×4 Tumbled Slate from Interceramic. The bar back is also decorated with the 4×4 tile from Interceramic.


The plumbing fixtures include a BLANCORECIS sink from Blanco, and a Talis HighArc single hole pull-out spray from Hansgrohe.


Lastly, a kitchen wouldn’t be complete without appliances! We have a microwave from Dacor, Epicure dual fuel range, Preference chimney hood, and a Epicure French door refrigerator. From Bosch we have an Integra dishwasher, and from Marvel a wine refrigerator.

We hope you enjoyed our kitchen flashback!

Adding Storage and Organization

Every home is unique, and the ways in which we use our kitchens vary widely from family to family. Some kitchens see daily activity, big meals prepared, lots of leftovers bundled up and stored, several pots of coffee and baked sweets made and consumed. In other homes the kitchen may only be used on special days like black-eyed peas on New Years and the occasional night in. Either way, everyone deserves a kitchen that makes them feel content, relaxed and at ease.

The past decades gave rise to cookie cutter houses, all with similar kitchen layouts, the only noticeable difference being the size of the kitchen. How do we make our kitchens as unique as we are? For starters, let’s tackle the biggest problem we all face — Clutter! Whether you’re a weekend baker with big mixing bowls, or a secret saucier with lots of utensils and gadgets, there are many options to personalize your space. Here’s some easy ways to add functionality, storage and organization to make your kitchen perfect for you.

Customize your drawers with Veggie Bins and a Bread Box.
Utilize extra wall space by hanging Pots and Pans. Get rid of that old knife block and use a Magnetic Knife Strip instead.
Add an island with a rolling cart, or for a more permanent solution use a narrow table. A custom stone top is an easy addition that adds beauty to the kitchen.
Lower cabinets can collect clutter as items are hard to reach. Roll Out Trays can be installed in any cabinet to store heavy pots and pans, plastic containers, cleaning supplies, and much more.
Make using fresh herbs easy by hanging planters to an empty wall.
The cabinets above the microwave and fridge are hardly ever used. Add vertical dividers to store all your baking pans, serving platters and cutting boards.

Do you have any clever ideas for making the most of your kitchen space perfect for you?