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Designing Your TV Unit

TVs play an important role in our lives: they keep us entertained. Maybe we are watching a cooking show in our kitchen, or following along with our favorite sitcom in the living room, either way we spend a lot of time with our TVs. Wherever you have a TV mounted (the kitchen, living space, bedrooms, entertainment rooms, or all!), they all have one thing in common: the need for good design. Think about it, we need space for cords, the dvr, game consoles, dvd player, speakers, remotes, and much more. As we typically design kitchens and baths, some of our clients like to go beyond that and tie in other rooms so the design stays consistent. Here is a list of our top 6 things to keep in mind when designing your TV unit:


Scale matters, especially if you have a small TV and large scale furniture to support it. It’s going to look disproportionate. Having your TV unit drawn up to scale with the actual TV size is a good idea. This way, you have a visual of what it will look like before making any purchases.


Open shelves or Cabinets

Having a few open shelves or open cabinets is a nice way to show off your library of books or collection of décor. This helps to “cozy” up your TV unit, especially since it’s one of the most popular rooms in the home.


Concealed Cabinetry

This is a must! Concealed cabinetry will hide anything you will not want on display. No one wants to see cords, DVD boxes, and other eyesores when watching TV. Concealed cabinetry also allows for other storage, such as: family albums, CDs, DVDs, and other miscellaneous items. This kitchen TV unit display is a great way to include concealed cabinetry in the design.



Although not a necessity, if you have the space, a variety of open cabinetry/shelves and concealed cabinets creates a nice balance of design. This allows you to hide things you want to hide and show things you want to show off! This TV unit displays a great way to show off décor while also concealing any miscellaneous items.


Think Depth

Don’t forget about depth. Be sure to measure things such as the DVR and DVD players. If these are to be concealed, we need to be sure they will fit inside the cabinets. This TV unit design has thought out depth and the result is showing that no eyesores are on display!


Material Selection

When you have an open plan, such as a kitchen open to the living space, it is nice to tie the materials together. This helps to create a united and thought-out look. The material options are endless, anywhere from a traditional look to modern, and we can help you narrow it down. Check out this amazing 20’s style TV unit that is coordinated with the kitchen style.


Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2016

Are you thinking about doing a kitchen remodel or kitchen update? Well,  before any money is spent, we believe that it’s very important to be informed of current design trends. Every year trends come and go, but our favorite tends to be the ones that can stand the test of time.

  1. Neutral Color Palette

You can’t go wrong with sticking with a neutral color palette. This isn’t technically a “trend” but has in the past years picked up steam and played a huge role in the kitchen design industry. Whether it’s an all white kitchen or the use of other neutral elements such as grey, this palette is extremely popular as it is classy and timeless. Plus, having a neutral base allows you to style and accessorize interchangeably as the years go by.

Recent Neutral Kitchen Remodel:


Recent Neutral Kitchen Update:


See what the difference between remodel and update is here

2. Open Shelving

Open shelving can be a beautiful break from a long line of upper cabinets. Whether you’re neat and tidy and enjoy displaying everyday dishes, or would rather use open shelving as a way to decorate, this is a good option for all types of clients. This is one of our projects with a beautiful example of open shelving:



3. Quartz Countertops

Quartz has become increasingly popular as a choice for countertops. This material is almost zero maintenance which attracts many customers. Today, there are so many options, even ones that resemble natural stone such as granite and marble.


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Mixing Metals in Kitchen Design

With kitchen and bath trends always changing, many of my clients ask, “If I install this, will my kitchen look out of style in five years?” I get this question most frequently when discussing hardware for their kitchen cabinets. Four years ago, I was using satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze in most of my kitchen remodels, two years ago clients were asking for polished nickel, now, gold and copper have hit the market and are becoming more and more popular. This being said, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and polished nickel aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. A great solution to picking out a metal finish for your kitchen is, don’t. Instead of committing to just one finish, mix them!

Pic 0010 Mixed Metals 2