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Alternative Cabinet Materials

Do you know what the most common material for cabinetry is? You guessed it, wood! Wood cabinets are what we specify the most for our clients. Wood has many options, whether it is maple, cherry, oak and so on. But what about the clients that are considering options other than wood? Well, we got choices for them too! If you’re not sure about what cabinet material to go with, continue reading below on alternate materials (and be sure to check out our blog covering the different types of wood species)!


Thermofoil has come a long way. Today, you will find various finishes and looks of thermofoil. It’s known for its durability and easy to maintain qualities, but be wary of direct heat sources because thermofoil could unpeel. Thermofoil is a vinyl that is a heated and vacuum applied, which is stretched to cover the cabinet (including the edges). Unlike the texture of wood cabinets, thermofoil cabinets are smooth and resistant to chipping.


Melamine finishes have also come a long way with their finish options and textures. The melamine coating is super durable and easy to maintain. It’s made of paper with a resin, which is applied through pressure and heat, and allows for consistency in the finish. Be aware that melamine cabinets tend to be heavier than regular wood cabinets.


Metal cabinets don’t only belong in a chef’s kitchen; they can also be incorporated into your kitchen! Typically, metal cabinets are stainless steel giving it a sleek and clean look. When considering metal cabinets, think of different ways to use metal. We love using it as accents or decorative doors with glass. For that little extra flair, consider incorporating metal cabinets!


If you’re looking for cabinets with a high gloss finish, look no further! Acrylic cabinets come in various colors and can make your dream of a modern kitchen come true. This material is created by laminating a sheet of acrylic (or other thermoplastic materials) to MDF. The quality of the acrylic cabinets makes them durable and super easy to maintain, but know they’re susceptible to scratches.

So, now that you know cabinet material other than wood, what will you go for?

First Friday Feature: June

For our First Friday Feature this month, when you look at the before image and see how the space transformed, you probably won’t believe it’s the same space! Part of this is because we took out unnecessary walls and also incorporated an island which really opened up the space. In addition, we rearranged the layout by moving the sink, cooking area and fridge, making the space more efficient. With a little TLC, the space brightened up with new cabinets, new swanky backsplash, and beautiful countertops to name a few. If you want to learn more about this space, keep reading and get inspired!


As you’ve seen in the before photo, the existing cabinetry was a little dull, and all the finishes almost blended together with the same brownish finish. So, to brighten up the space, we incorporated new cabinetry from Kitchen Craft in Maple wood, Chelsea door style, with a Millstone painted finish. What a difference this makes!

Countertops and Backsplash

Now for a little pizazz, new countertops and backsplash! The countertops are a 3cm Sienna Light Bordeaux granite with an ogee edge. The vibrant backsplash is from Daltile in the Raindrop collection in Blanc et Beige finish. The backsplash was taken to the tops of the cabinets which give it a great impact on the space. We love the combination of these finishes which gives this kitchen a lively feel!


To finish off the space, we need fixtures! The main kitchen faucet & bar faucet is from Delta in the Addison collection which is a single handle pull-down in Arctic Stainless. The kitchen sink is from Blanco in the ONE collection in Stainless Steel, and the bar sink is from Blanco in the STELLAR collection in Stainless Steel.

We hope we got your inspired this Friday and hope to see you again next month!

Kitchen’s Wearing White After Memorial Day

I’m sure you’ve heard the rule of no white before Memorial Day and no white after Labor Day.  Some say it’s a southern thing, and others say they follow the rule because they want to save wearing white for the summer. Well, this “rule” exists in the fashion world, but does it also exist in our kitchens? Well, of course there’s no rule if your kitchen can “wear” white during this specific period of time! But in spirit of this past Memorial Day, we take a look back on some of our favorite kitchens “wearing” white!

The Red, White, and New

This kitchen is exciting because it’s composed of classic white inset style cabinetry, but is also designed with fun pops of red; possibly, our most patriotic kitchen to date (minus the blue)! Our designer designed this with red in the backsplash, incorporated red accents, and included red appliances (it’s not every day we design with red appliances!). With the pops of red, this kitchen has got some serious personality!

White With a Touch of Metallic Glam

Need another way to break up an all white kitchen? Add mixed metallics! Metallic finishes are wonderful because they can be intermixed. Check out the custom hood – it’s composed of brushed aluminum and brushed brass, a beautiful combination! You also see brass in the faucet and cabinet hardware, and brushed aluminum in the sink and appliances. How would you incorporate  mixed metallics in your kitchen?

The Something Blue

We love this kitchen with a little “something blue”! One of our favorite tricks to do in a space is to add contrast by using a different finish or color, and we’ve done that here with the kitchen island! The pop of blue is a perfect accent to the white kitchen and gives the space some nice character. What color would you want your kitchen island to be?