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Intro to Countertops

Today we move onto our countertop portion of our materials 101 series. If you missed our last lesson covering cabinetry, you can find it here.  Cabinets may be the first thing that come to mind when imagining a kitchen remodel, but we can assume countertops are a close second. Countertops are a major part in the overall look of your kitchen. Just like your cabinetry, countertops also have several looks, textures, and colors.  We will begin with a lesson over the most common countertops we have to offer. Lets go!

Granite- Out of all the countertop materials out there, granite is probably the most used material. Granite is a natural stone that are sliced from quarries and then polished to give them their shiny look. Granite offers a vast amount of colors, some which are plentiful and some which are exotic.


Quartz- Quartz is one of the hardest materials you can install as a countertop. This material is a man-made product consisting primarily of ground up quartz (which makes it so hard) and formed into slabs.  Quartz too, has several color options and style variations.

Marble-  Marble gives your space an instant classic look. This material tends to be softer, but with frequent care and maintenance you can maintain the amazing look that the marble gives. Who doesn’t love this look?!


Stainless- A stainless steel countertop is something you would typically see in a commercial kitchen. Well, now you know it can also be used in residential applications! This application allows for a virtually indestructible working surface.  Some may think it is too cold and stark, but when paired with warm wood tones it can create the perfect match.


Overall, there are so many different countertop options out there, even ones we haven’t discussed, butcher-block anyone? It’s all about you and how you use your kitchen.

A Focus on Quartz Countertops: Caesarstone style

When doing a remodel or an update in your home,  using high quality and innovative products may be high on your list of priorities.  When we design kitchens and baths, we want to be confident that we are selecting good reputable products.  So, today we are focusing on a brand that we have our confidence in, Caesarstone!


In this modern kitchen we have used Caesarstone’s “Quarts Reflections”. One of the highlights of this specific finish is that it is made with up to 35% post-consumer recycled glass.



We love the look of this sleek white and grey toned countertop called “Concrete”. How neat is it that a quartz product can replicate the looks of other materials such as concrete!?


In our showroom, Caesarstone’s “Frosty Carrina” is possibly the most asked about finish, and we understand why! This classic look can stand the test of time.


If you have any questions, you know where to find us!



Colorful Kitchen Surfaces

If you are someone who likes a bit of bold color in a room, there are several countertop choices that are just right for you! From apple green to deep red, we love the colors that Caesarstone and others have introduced in the last few years. You’ll notice in these photos of our clients’ kitchens we’ve kept the background fairly clean and let the bold cold create a statement of their own. The pop of color brightens up the room and certainly creates conversation.

Above, Ruby Reflections from Caesarstone complements the homeowner’s art.

Above and below, this beautiful countertop truly is a work of art in and of itself. It’s an epoxy paint on wood custom created for us.

Above, Caesarstone’s Apple Martini is the perfect complement to this homeowner’s blue and green color palette that brings the outside in (shown below).