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Having Fun with Tile

One of the most fun parts of designing a kitchen or bath is of course the material selection process! One of those elements include selecting tile whether it is for your backslash or shower application. There are so many ways to utilize tile, you can install a simple square as a diamond, or even a rectangle in herringbone pattern, the possibilities are endless! Check out some of the applications below:

Natural Stone:

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Ceramic Tile:



Mixed Glass Tile:   7april2016-15


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As always, take a trip to our showroom to see what ideas we can come up with!

Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2016

Are you thinking about doing a kitchen remodel or kitchen update? Well,  before any money is spent, we believe that it’s very important to be informed of current design trends. Every year trends come and go, but our favorite tends to be the ones that can stand the test of time.

  1. Neutral Color Palette

You can’t go wrong with sticking with a neutral color palette. This isn’t technically a “trend” but has in the past years picked up steam and played a huge role in the kitchen design industry. Whether it’s an all white kitchen or the use of other neutral elements such as grey, this palette is extremely popular as it is classy and timeless. Plus, having a neutral base allows you to style and accessorize interchangeably as the years go by.

Recent Neutral Kitchen Remodel:


Recent Neutral Kitchen Update:


See what the difference between remodel and update is here

2. Open Shelving

Open shelving can be a beautiful break from a long line of upper cabinets. Whether you’re neat and tidy and enjoy displaying everyday dishes, or would rather use open shelving as a way to decorate, this is a good option for all types of clients. This is one of our projects with a beautiful example of open shelving:



3. Quartz Countertops

Quartz has become increasingly popular as a choice for countertops. This material is almost zero maintenance which attracts many customers. Today, there are so many options, even ones that resemble natural stone such as granite and marble.


Come by our showrooms and take a look at what we can offer! Click here for our contact Info.

Go from Social to Serious Business with Kitchen Desk Space

The kitchen is the heart of the house – every family member spends time there, which is why considering a desk space near the kitchen is a great idea. It can be an efficient family “command center” and more (I love having a computer in the kitchen for looking up recipes and cooking videos). Best of all, a desk space can be integrated into almost any kitchen design. Kitchen Design Concepts created this desk space that blends in alongside the well-hidden refrigerator:


This desk space is close to the action but not too close – just far enough to keep fly-away kitchen messes from spilling onto potentially important items. Families that are constantly on-the-go however, may want to opt for a stand-up message center. It eliminates the option to sit but still offers convenience. Cork backsplashes, drawers with graduated depths and extra, integrated electrical outlets keep the space dedicated to getting the family prepped and out the door. Kitchens that are low on space can still fit room for a desk by taking advantage of blind corners or extra cabinets.


Whether it’s stand-up, sit-down or hidden, Kitchen Design Concepts can come up with the perfect lifestyle-fitted desk space for your kitchen design!